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Long Term Coricidin/DXM/Cough Medicine Abuse

So, I abused Coricidin (triple c's) for about three years, along with Robotussin and Delsym on occasion.  At first it was with my friends on the weekends for about a year.  then i stopped for a while when i was on probation, and started back after six months of only smoking weed. this time i was hooked, taking coricidin by myself at least two or three times a week, and for the last year or so, i did it almost every day.  The most i ever took was 28 pills, but usually it was 16 (a whole box).  At the time, i didn't realize it, but I was delusional, and pyschologically addicted.  Finally, my mom noticed I was psychotic and took me to rehab.  My delusions were like everything from thinking i was being controlled by a snake that bit my brain to thinking my friends had planted a mind controlling microchip on my head in the form of a mole, just crazy **** like that and sometimes hearing voices and hallucinating, and A LOT of paranoia.   Other drugs i did just A FEW times during this period were LSD, shrooms, DSO, morphine, marijuana, and lortabs, plus a little drinking.   Since i've been sober for the last two months, I've realized that I was totally screwed up.  

Now WITHOUT ANY DRUGS, I'm having problems with my vision, like seeing specs of light, or my vision will be pixelated, and also lights like head lights, the moon, streetlights, the sun, etc. will be all stretched out, like when you squint really hard, except my eyes are wide open.  Other times i get blasts of light, like everything is overwhelmingly bright.  It's almost as if my eyes are still dilated.    My hearing is still like it was when i was tripping.  Music sounds so full and like it's got tons of reverb even when it doesn't, and i hear this constant white noise when i'm trying to listen.  It sounds crazy, but it's like i'm stuck in the afterglow of tripping.
Also, sometimes i can't sleep because my brain is racing with crazy *** thoughts, and then other times i feel completely stupid.  i'm having memory problems, trouble concentrating, and my muscles feel tight.  Off and on, I hear a voice in my head narrating my actions, I think it's from drug induced psychosis, and i'm still having fits of paranoia and delusions.  I can't tell if it's getting better of worse.  I'm scared I'm going to be tripping permanently.

Has anybody else been through this?   If so, how long does it take to feel like you've come down completely, or will it ever even go away?  Could it be withdrawals, or can you even have withdrawals from something that's not physically addictive?  How long will it take my vision to be normal?  Have I done permanent brain damage?  Are there any ways to speed up the healing process besides taking prescription drugs?  I think I've put enough chemicals in my body already, I'd like to get better naturally if that is possible.   If I stay sober, will drug induced psychosis ever go away?

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You need to see an M.D. , tell all of your symptoms,and what you were taking. Time to get honest with a professional...this is your brain!

Also,did you google cough syrup,abuse and side effects?

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Well, i don't actually have a doctor or medical insurance...or money,   i guess i could go to county but at best they would write me a thirty day prescription and say ' take these pills' and then i would be like 'pills are what ****** me up in the first place' and then they would be like 'let us check your blood'  and then i would get an infection because it's a county hospital for poor people.

but seriously, reading these blogs on google is helping, some people have had similar problems, i just wanna know how well i'm going to heal if at all, and how long it's going to take.   most people are writing about their effects from coricidin while they're tripping and right after.  it's been two months.  will i ever stop feeling like i'm tripping?
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NO one can answer that question because everyone is different.  To me it sounds like you have done some serious damage to your brain , and your nerves.  U need to see a dr,
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Ive been through exactly what youve been through, abused ccc's like a madman, trying to reach new plateaus, towards the end of my massive binging i was doing 30, even two complete boxes, I was completely messed up. The blurred vision when looking at lights, the truely insane idea and scenarios that would go through my head were frightening.Ive been off that stuff for about a year and half almost two now, i didnt abuse for as long as you, a year and a half of straight popping dxm everyday.I went from 8 and skyrocketed to 18 then 24, each trip.Those side effects go away, they start to fade slowly,your memory function will come back, fully.
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I took them from 16yrs old to 23....I can't say you will ever go back to normal because I know I am slow sometimes from it and have nerve damage.  I would be on ccc's for weeks at a time 24, 32, 72 a day.  I don't know how I lived...Honestly I would be more worried about the heart, liver, and kidney damage you may have caused, and or the higher risk of heart attacks when you get old.  Also if you are male the fact that it has a chance to enlarge your prostate... I have had chest pains from taking them since back when I was 16 and I still get them all the time.  Not being able to see a real doc *****, and I am in the same boat.  Don't mean to scare you but those pills are **** and they will kill you over time or quickly...  Hope you can keep off them, gl :)
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dude im you i need help my story is too ****** up to tell so do what you gotta do there should be a dxm anonumous......e mail me we can start a meeting. ***@**** well save ourselves in the processs
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