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Long Term Damage

Hey, I wonder if someone may be able to help me please? over the past 12 years I have used cocaine nearly every weekend and in the last year I have made a real conscious effort to stop. This was mainly due (among many other health risks) to do with an excruciating pain behind my eyes during and after I took it. Over the course of the year I started to gradually start taking it again and since, I have this awful pain in my nose, it feels like there is something heavy resting on the centre of the bridge, my nose is blocked, it feels incredibly fragile, I have shooting pains in my septum and can barely sleep at night as its feels like I am choking. I am understandably very scared and have of course seen a doctor who has booked me in to see a ENT specialist in a month. I haven't taken cocaine for just under a month.

I have yet to meet or speak to anyone with the same eye/nose problems therefore I am scared I have done some real damage.

Does anyone else have similar problems?

Any thoughts/advice would be so so appreciated.

Thank you.
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Cocaine can be really hard on our bodies!  I used it about 20 years ago for 3 years almost everyday!  I had physical symptoms that sound similar to yours!!! I ended up with  a hole in my septum but no other long term effects.  I would try not to worry too much until you see the ENT!   Its great that you have stopped for a month now!  Have your physical symptoms gotten any better now that you arent using?  Stay off of it now that you have a month!!!  Its a dangerous drug that psychologically just wants to keep pilling you back in!!  Keep posting and let us know how you are getting on!!!
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That is a lot of cocaine so it is very possible that you have done some damage.  I used it occasionally (probably two weekends a month) for two years and I found that it was causing me pain. I agree, go see an ENT to check for damage. Also, the  older we get the more we are at risk for heart failure...good that you are trying to stop!
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about 10 years ago or so i used it every day all day for about 4-5 years and omg my nose hurt so bad i mean really really bad constant pain so bad my eyes watered all the time i ate motrin and vikes like they were candy it was horrific so thats when i started to smoke it! very dumb thing to do I'm so glad to hear you have stopped a friend of mine has a hole in her nose from snorting coke and pills i saw it hopefully yours is just very irritated
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Thank you all so much for your replies.

I never actually realised I had a problem until I was aware that I would continue to take it even though it was causing me excruciating pain.

Im counting the days that I havent taken it which again is a sign that there must be a problem.

Really appreciate the support. I sincerely hope I havent done some real damage.

Do any of you know of people whos noses have actually collapsed??

Thank you again x
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