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Long nights mean Anxiety & Depression

I am still tapering off of my 15-20 Percocet a day habit.  Today I am trying to go from 2 to 11/2 and have been successful so far.  I know this isn't what I should be doing, I should just "jump" but it's only when the anxiety gets too bad that I have to take it.  I still feel sick all the time but it seems to relieve the anxiety as I have nothing else for it.  I would love to muster the strength to go to my doctor and get the stuff that Elmjack mentioned but for now it's impossible.  I am drinking tons of gatorade and Ensure and taking vitamins but still am exhausted.  I guess that's from lack of sleep.  Is there an OTC medication for anxiety??? I think I could get someone to pick it up for me.
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hey girl......well i see your still tapering....down to 1 1/2 is that a day? if so is it all at one time ? you'll jump when your ready!!! and that anxety when you get down even to 0 your still going to have it for a few days !! i dont want to scare ya it's just part of w/d this might sound strange but you kinda get used to it then before ya know it it's gone!!!! but first you have to get to 0 and start this ......were here for ya when you do !!!! big hugs steve
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Yes a total of 1 1/2 a day.  I take 1/2 at a time and space if out.  I try and to 6 hours because I am never sure how long I will stay awake.  Sometimes my days are 40 hours long.  I do sleep once I can fall into a deep sleep so that is okay.  I am hoping to do 1 1/2 tomorrow and then 1 the next 2 days and then 1/2 and then 0.  I know, I do it the hard way but I am going to do it somehow and some way.  Thanks Steve and hugs back to you.  I can see you are still having sleep issues but your great attitude is still with you.
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I found a really good tea it called  YAGI kava stress releaving tea some walmarts cary it otherwide you can order it on line but it really relaxes you more then any other homeopathic thing out there give it a try seep it 10 full min b/4 drinking it a spoon of sweet/n low makes it taste good good luck to you and God bless.........Gnarly
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Thanks so much.  I will try and find it.  Hopefully we have it in Canada.  
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Pat, if they don't have it up there maybe you can order it online. You're doing great with that taper! :)
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Thanks Minn, I was kind of embarrassed that I failed again at CT but knew that I couldn't make it without all of you.  You don't know how much your words lifted my spirits.
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