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Long-term effects of DXM

Are there any harmful long-term effects of DXM?
For example, if you take one bottle of Robitussin every month.
Also, is there a difference between the cough syrup and the gel caps?
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not sure..i dont think one bottle a month is considered overdoing it...the gel caps can be pure dxm but it is monitored at the store if u buy these just like ephedrine products..i bought some of the caps that were 15 mgs of dxm for my cough as i was sick for a month...i think it takes quite a bit to abuse dxm and not sure of what happens as i have never been tempted to abuse it..i do know it is monitored cos some do abuse it tho
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Depends. Are you taking the whole bottle at once to get high, or just taking correct doses for a cold? If you're taking a lot at once to "trip", then you need to stop. I had a friend in high school who did it once a month or every couple of weeks for a long time (2 or 3 years) and it really messed his brain up. He's never been the same, and he's 30 years old now. He hasn't done it since those days, and never fully recovered. The reason DXM makes you "trip" in large doses is because it's a dis-associative (spellcheck?) which quite literally means that it seperates your mind from your body. DXM is a morphine derivative. it's basically morphine with all of the analgesic properties removed. The high you get from taking large quantities of DXM is the same mental effect as what you'd get from large doses of morphine. The difference of course, is that if you took that much morphine you'd overdose and die. And it's possible to die from the DXM. All in all, it's just a bad thing that no one needs to get into. Only take it in the correct dose, for a cough.
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I had my first encounter with Robotusin when I was about 19-20 yrs old. Not knowing the lasting effects on my body, I thought it was the greatest feeling in the world. I remember telling my friend who had never tried it, and he didnt think that it would really work as I bragged. What a fool I was. When I was "trippin" I would engage in activities that I wouldnt normally do making me feel horrible when I came off the high.

Now not having used the drug in over 3 years I feel long-term effects. I feel like I am in a constant daze. When it comes to  making decisions... dont count on me. I feel alot of paranoia now, more than I had ever felt. I am suspicious of people. I can not complete a long-term task like school. I feel as though my thoughts are delayed and some days I feel sorta stoned.

If anyone is comming to this page to make a decision to or not to trip on robotusin, by all means dont. Look around you and think about would you like to be as I descibed uptop. Constantly living in a mental cage where you can not escape. Looking around you and wondering how does everyone else function so well, while you sit in a daze and have a slow reaction to everything around you. I

If anyone reads this, Please.... Please.... Dont "robotrip".
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Thank you so much for sharing your story! I wish more people would do what you just did, and make it known that "Robo-tripping" can ruin lives. In high school, I saw so many of my friends poisoning themselves with it that it just broke my heart. The kids who were constantly doing it looked worse than kids who were hooked on cocaine and ice. Ane they had no idea that their whole personalities were changing. And several of them messed themselves up so bad (permanently) that they are on mental disability today. I did end up addicted to opiates, but I consider myself to be extremely lucky because I didn't like it at all. I hope that you never hesitate to tell this to anyone who will listen.

Thanks again, KLM_81
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Take note of this, the "occasional" use of recreational drugs rarely stays that way. I am not implying that drugs are always abused, just that abuse is easier than casual use. I am in my twenties now, but when I was about 13 I started to use DXM as a recreational drug and it grew to be the single greatest addiction of my life. I have abused heroin, crack, cocaine, alcohol, ketamine, pain killers, tryptamines, LSD, mushrooms, nearly everything under the Sun. I have quit them all, haven't used any of them in two years. DXM is a different beast altogether, it is my anti-matter. In my early teens I found a website selling 99.99% pure dextromethorphan hydro-bromide and bought some. I was a chronic; read near daily, as in 340 days out of 365, abuser taking an average of 1,000mg and I have consumed 2,800mg of it in a single sitting. I am a lucky survivor and I SHOULD be dead. Instead I find myself fairly successful but I live with the constant fear that my demon will take it all away. I am in professional counseling but due to the OTC nature of DXM and the difficulty of screening for it I am still an abuser, I go as long as I can usually in the 5-10 day range, and will always be haunted by it. If anyone is reading this, DXM may be an incredible substance, but the overall danger overwhelms any positive benefit. Some wounds are too deep to properly heal. By the way, while DXM IS an opiate derivative it is so heavily chemically altered that it is technically a dissociative more closely related to PCP, Ketamine, and some surgical anesthetics.
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it started doin it once.
a few wks later,
once more...
next i knew i was doin atleast 2-3 boxes/bottles per day for a good 9mos.
i shouldve died twice!! (no joke!)
got into alot of trouble and ruined alot of good friendships because of it.
what i hate the most now,
my relationships with people are totally different now..
my whole me is just quite off track, i can feel it.
theres no forgetting what i did to myself. at all, ever!!
i eventually came out of though, thank god!!!
but now im sittin here with extreeemelyy high blood pressure (179/121)
thats rediculous,
not only that but im different..
everything is!!!!
its unexplainable, but i know life will never be the same.
ive told my story too many times,
but im glad im here to tell it!
now i wont even take cough meds for a cough...
no matter how bad, i dont care.
not even cough drops/strips with dxm in it.
nooo waay!!!!
and i hiighy recommend you dont either!
its not worth it,
nothing is. nobody is.
because at times now i still feel all the negative effects, just without the high..
and let me tell you it *****!!
i could stroke out or have a heart attack any day, even though im on a couple different pills controlling that control my hypertension pretty well.
it still has its own way of thinking and goes up real fast real high, all just depending.
i constantly feel my heart beating so irregularly and extremely fast,
a steady tight pressured feeling like its gun explode out my chest,
horrible horrible headaches,
im a very excessive sweater now (no deoderants help, even perscription. ive tried it all)
i feel like a completely different person,
theres no doubt in my mind that ive changed mentally more than anything,
theres so much more...
fry my brain, liver, heart and so on (the list gets really long, too long!)
we could be here for years, literally!!
but IM JUST WARNING YOU not to waste ur time,
its fun yeah. but ruins your life!
if not in this way, itll get you somehow or another..
physically, mentally and emotionally!!!!
<3 <3
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