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Long-term effects of ReVia (naltrexone)?

Hey guys. . .was wondering if anyone else here is/has been on naltrexone as part of their recovery.  I've been taking 50mg daily since just about a year ago now and have had no problems.  Seems to reduce any occasional cravings for the junk as well as stabilize my mood somewhat.  I know that its use at higher doses in patients with liver/hepatic system issues is not indicated.  Amazingly, with all the **** that I've done to myself, however, my liver screens have always come up fine. . .go figure.  As far as I'm concerned, I would take this every day for the rest of my life. . .frankly, no matter what others' opinions may be about naltrexone (some "old-school" recovery people call it a "crutch"), what *I* call it is an insurance policy against doing something stupid in the heat of the moment (which I've been famous for, and I'm sure many of you guys can relate as well).  Knowing that once this is in my system in a steady state (as it is, since I take it daily) that I would actually have to PLAN a relapse is just a source of reassurance and comfort to me.  I'd love to hear anyone else's opinions on this matter.
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sorry to hyjack your thread dude but due to Satan and his mindless drivel, everyday the posts become full, can we please remoce this cosmic star ex pill man from here? I for one think hes a sick twisted individual and hes bringing me down, I have been on this board almost 2 years and have gotten tons of info but to continue to allow him to sprew his **** is doing a disservice to us all who are here for the purpose of getting help
I am sure he will put some voodoo curse on me but I dont give a ****. Baddgirl
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I would like to apologize for anyone who I might have offended in this Forum and will impose a VOLUNTARY two-week vacation in which I will not post any message.  

I will return on June 20.  This should allow all the personal attacks to roll off.  If I am attacked in my absence and/or on June 20th, I will know that this is a War Board.

Prove me wrong.  

P.S.  Atheists don't beleive in Voo-Doo nonsense either.


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A War Board?
What the hell are you talking about?
You are a constantly whining little kid who is always looking for a fight.
Go find happiness in life instead of making misery for everyone else.
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I have an idea:  When it is June 20 and it is time to return, DON'T.
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DAMN IT!!!! i come on here today and the same **** is going on even though someone asked a QUESTION!!! what the hell is the matter with you people...

a question is posted and two of our members choose to keep this stupid **** going on... i mean, why? what are you getting from it? why keep it going on?

is chaos so much more familiar to us as "addicts" that we grab onto any chance to fuss and bicker with each other???

ok, revia...

my doctor had wanted to put me on revia after i was in treatment a few years ago... but when i took it i "imagined" that i was having some sort of adverse side-effect from it so i quit taking it... i believe that i just didn't want to take it, had reservations then that i probably wasn't even aware of... as far as it being a crutch, who cares, whatever works, works!!

people have many differing opinions on what "works" in recovery, i think that it is pretty personal and what is good about a board or fellowship of people is that we get to see all the differing ways that people go about getting and staying clean...


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Sorry, but I have been completely ignoring him for almost two days now.  I am a long time member here and I am allowed to post what I think.  He has totally jammed this place up for three days and I think he should go.  Simple as that.  And, that is also my last comment on the issue.
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hey people:
there are some really good questions and isues brouht up in this thread! kind of refrehing...maybe there is more to uss than qa bunch
of pisser and moaners waiting around for our next shot!

so KC, about naltexone....i have very strong (and negative felings about this opiate antagonist.  my feelings about this drug shoulf be put aside. enough addicts have had a very a + expierence with it to ignore it. a quote form John Genet is is in order...." oh i beg thee  spare your wrath and spare your scorn...for man needs from every creature born"...

and now badgirl, you would like goat boy and and expillman and what ever else he (i think calls himself) banned??!!! my memory is not what it used to be, but were there not similar recomendations for your case?

and lastly, expillman...leave the board for and then come back?!?!?
what will this accomplish. perhaps if in that time you make significant personal changes...what purpose would this serve? leave if you must, please come back when you are ready.

all of you, keep an angel on your shulder
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mr. michael, do you have an email addy? would you mind if i emailed you privately? ***@****

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my deepest appologys for all the spelling an gramar errors of my last post. perhaps i am the idiot i appearnto be....sorry!!

(and i also need too) keep an angel on your shoulder!!
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I am interested in this topic, the Naltrexone.  I was on Talwin NX a while back, and I guess it has that in it as well.  I guess this would only be something to use if you were not taking ANY opiates, correct?  I am still on a taper of hydro, and actually still do need it for chronic pain too, but would like to be totally off one day.  Not sure how that will work with having chronic pain, but just wondering.  Hope everyone is doing well today!  

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kurt if you go up to the search ,just abobe you post on this board, it willl take you to the serch site for past post
and if you go to n  it will pull up naltrexone ,
ther is about 10 past post on it.
i am not sure but i think naltrexone andsuboxone  make up
bup. ya have to check that out .

hippy ,

ps. pill goat , change your name / handle and start over
and pretend to be a real nice guy, as they say in aa fake it till ya make it.
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Thanks, dude.  I'm off to check it out.  Should have thought of that myself, but oh well. . .that's why we all have each other, right?


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