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Losing methadone weight

Hi. My name is Leandra. I've recently got off of methadone after being on it for 4 years. I've gained about 100lbs on it!!! I've never been heavier than 135 before this. Today is day 44 of being off. But my belly is still extremely bloated and I don't seem to be losing any weight! I've been eating really healthy small meals but it's not helping! I've read people say that it will just fall off after your off methadone, but I'm afraid that won't happen for me. How long does it take for the body to become normal again? WILL I EVER LOSE THE METHADONE WEIGHT?!?!
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hi and welcome to the forum....well I to put a lot of weight on wile on methadone  went from a slim 36in waist at 185 to a 44 in waist at 246lb  it is very common to gain weight on this drug....for me once I got into the lower doses it started to come off.....it is different for everybody but it all boils down to metabolizem  methadone slows that down  with time it will come back up and the weight will start to come off.....eating right is only part of the equation...exorcise is critical to boost your matablisum lean protiens no or little carbs and no suger will help keep posting for support.
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