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Love/Hate Relationship

So...here's how I always looked at my DOC...percocet...it was a TOTAL love/hate relationship. Love 'em when ya got 'em, hate 'em when ya don't! Am I right? Lol. Wow. I have been browsing through postings, questions, answers on and off all day. And, wow. That's all I gotta say. It's so amazing to me how much we are all alike, yet completely different. There are doctors, lawyers, moms, dads, singles, etc. Yet, were all the same. It just feels really good to know I'm not alone, and know that what I'm feeling is not abnormal, well, you know what I mean. Lol. It's just that, you just never really know what's going on with any one person. They could have the "picturesque" life, and yet, be so broken. That's how I feel about addiction. It breaks you. I have struggled on and off my whole life with SOME kind of addiction. Whether it be drugs or alcohol, sex, cigs, hell...even tv or an obsession to HAVE to have the lastest trend or fashion. Lol. Well, enough rambling for the moment. Haha This is day 2 of the suboxone. Didn't really get much sleep last nite...alot of that was due to the fact that my husband SNORES! Lol. His mom had the baby, and Caleb's dad had him. so we had some GOOD monkey-lovin'! Lol. SHewee! SO I think that's the reason he passed out like he did, and annoyed the **** outta me with his dang row-boat, bear growlin snoring! Will get back later and detail how it is making me feel n stuff, have to go give the little one a bath :) Love, Nikki
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Hey there, so your on day 2 of suboxone. can i ask what day 1 was like? did you go to a clinic type or private type dr.? did he give you first dose ao script? hope you dont mind me asking. I have a appt. on fri with a shrink. only dr. i have found so far not in a clinic setting. Thanks Teddy
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I hear what you are saying girl. What is funny to me is you can spot someone on the pills a mile a way. I was training a girl in one of our offices (out of town from here) so I never met her and when she walked in I knew she was on lortabs then I saw her get the big bottle out of her purse and take more than needed I am sure. Then I saw the look on her face when she realized I was in the office.....I could also tell by her behavior....being all hopped up on the lortabs. It can happen to anyone.
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addiction has no borders...it reaches all walks of life...it can grab anyone at anytime. i hear ya too...
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