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Low Codeine Abuse and Suboxone

Hi everyone I’m new here but have concerns about Suboxone.

So I’ve been taking 270mg of Codeine throughout the day, every day for the last 7 years. I have never gone over that amount but sometimes I have less, it depends how I feel that day. I work full time and my family knows but it’s never been an issue as it doesn’t stop me from getting on with my life or negatively affect my behavior.

But I went to CADS anyway to discuss my options and they prescribed me the pure codeine while I worked out which path is for me. The Dr suggested I go on Suboxone which I really do not want to do as I believe it’s more addictive and harder to come off and has more negative health effects, plus I’ve been reading so many stories and most have been negative.

Tomorrow the Dr is going to trial me on Dihydrocodeine to see how that goes. I don’t think my Dr understands that while I am chemically addicted its more my daily routine and not trying to always chase that high otherwise I would of taken more by now even though I’ve tried explaining this over and over.

One other thing that concerns me, my Dr said he hasn’t had experience with Suboxone so was curious to see how it would go with me O.O
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He put me on 120mg Sustained released in the morning and 120mg sustained release in the evening. This got reduced down to 60mg in the morning and 60mg in the evening both sustained released. It still makes me extremely sleepy and I'm unable to concentrate. I get my kidney and liver checked every 3 months and I haven't done any damage so far.

I was actually put on pure codeine maintenance and this was working perfectly until for some reason he pulled me off it and is now trying to make me take Suboxone or Methadone. The thing that pisses me off is he said I can stay on Suboxone or Methadone as long as I want even for rest of my life if I choose but why would I go on something extreme to treat something so low in dose.

And I’m sick of him treating me like I’m an idiot, like everything I have to say is a lie, like I’m trying to deceive him and he keeps telling me I will end up a Heroin junky on the street, which I have never once in 7 years even thought about using that.

Before I started taking Codeine I was extremely depressed, they gave me anti-depressants and tried all sorts of drugs which made my life hell and I tried to kill myself twice. Then I stumbled across Codeine and my whole outlook on life changed. With the low dose I take, I was able to break out of the depression and start living. I never had desires to take more or more at a time and for 7 years I sat on the same amount each day and lived my life like a normal person. But in the last week it’s all come crumbling down and my boss has had enough of me and those black thoughts have come back once again. So in order to save my job and my life I did the only thing I knew would work, went out and bought many packets of Panafen Plus and stopped taking the DHC during the day and once again I am normal and my boss has somewhat left me alone.

And because I’ve done that CAD’S said they won’t help me anymore. Apparently they would rather I be an incompetent zombie who gets fired or even let me commit suicide rather than come to the middle and put me back on codeine maintenance that was working in the beginning. I even told the Doctor I would only need 60mg Codeine in the morning, 60mg Codeine in the afternoon and I would be happy taking the DHC in the evening but nope, I’m a dirty lying addict who would do anything for their DOC!

Note: I was originally prescribed pure Codeine 7 years ago after a bike accident. I fractured my jaw in 3 places, ripped open my lip/cheek, cracked my cheek bone and broke my collar bone. All that because a car full of teen assholes were speeding towards me on a narrow gravel driveway and I panicked. They thought it was oh so hilarious and laughed at me before they sped off.
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So, Jean --

What is it that brought you to the forum? Are you doctor shopping? Looking for alternative meds. or do you need the space to tell your story? It's a process. Stay with us and Happy Easter!
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Not Doctor shopping just asking people for their advice/stories on Doctor making me switch to Methadone or Suboxone for something I class as minor so I can arm myself with as much information as possible and tell the Doctor NO I will not be put on something more addictive and harder to come off in the long run.
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Speaking of stories, I just read this poor fellows experience:

He was addicted to similar dose to me of Codeine 240mg for the last couple of years. He decided to go to Addiction Specialist and see what help he could get. The specialist there told him he would be perfect for Suboxone. What this poor fellow didn’t know is how much this Doctor put him on. He started him on 8mg when he should have been around .2mg! for the amount of Codeine he was taking. Well he told the Doctor he felt very sick and was having withdrawals so what did this doctor do? Put his dose up to 16mg...Well he kept getting sick so the Doctor switched him over to Methadone and now he’s in one hell of a mess.

That is what I’m afraid of, being told I don’t know what I’m talking about because I’m just a stupid addict and that I HAVE to listen to whatever the Doctor says even though it would be worse for my health and addiction in the long term.
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Hi I know you are talking to EvolverU about this..I just want to add my two cents in...You are very, very, wise not to want on the subs or dones...I was on the Methedone for over 12yrs and it stated with the hydo/oxys..I sure can undersatnd what is up..Man or Man the DR sometimes just P me off.It is almost like I see it as a money making thing between them and the Phams..I have been around the block a few times and I am 56..I have also worked in the health field...SOOO If I were you I would go and get another DR..Get one that will give you something that is some what mild for pain..Be Honest and tell them you are NOT going to play the merry-go-round...I really can feel that you are a smart cookie..OK This is just comming from my Experience..
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Hi again,

From what you've told us, I would second VICourageous. A lighter opiate is in order. It would stop you from nodding & lessen your dependency and that's always a good thing. I'm thinking Vicodin, here. That said, I have the sneaking suspicion that this Doc. may have flagged you. If he hasn't already, he might if you leave him and he finds out. What's your relationship like w/ him/her at this point? Do not give in to the Suboxone suggestion because you are taking your DOC for mood altering reasons - as you stated above. Suboxone will not provide the same 'energy' and 'euphoria' you turn to Codeine for. I just wanted to ask -- you mentioned that you were suicidal in the past -- have you talked to a professional about this? Did you experience major depression or was this an 'isolated' incident? Thanks so much for sticking w/ us. All the best to you!
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