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Lyrica, Do any of you know if?

Do any of you know if Lyrica is addicting? I suffer from class 2 Diabetes and I'am taking Lyrica for problems with foot discomfort. I was told that It may be addicting, But because it was a new med, that proof of that was not out yet. Any info on this would be helpful. Thanx
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The reason I'am asking is that I have been addictedt to other drugs before and dont want to get addicted again.
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i am not sure about the addictive qualities...my mom took it short term..it made her crazy...lol i mean really crazy, she could not remember anything ...
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its not addicting
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I know it is suppose to work great for nerve pain problems which is what you have so hopefully that will work for ya!  Your doctor should be able to answer any questions you have about it.
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I have been taking Lyrica for a long time now,  It is true that a small (very small) group of people get buzzed off the stuff (and that is why Lyrica is a scheduled controlled drug).  But, as a hardcore opiate fiend, in my experience I fell no high from it at all.  And it does seem to help my peripheral neuropathy.

And my doctor, who now knows about my drug problem, had no problem with me continuing to take it.

Bottom line is that Lyrica is not an opiate and it doesn't bind to the opiate receptors in the brain.  So I am not worrying about it.

By the way, don't people get a "buzz" from coffee?  Should that be scheduled too?  Sorry, just a jab at our ridiculous drug laws in this country.

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Thank you all for the great info, This is the only place that seems to have What I was looking for .
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can be abused but it is not physically addicting
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Ive had to take it off and on for awhile, I hate the effects, but it works wonders for nerve pain. When I was taking it everyday I had some serious memory problems along with some unwanted weight gain, so I only take it when I get some flare ups. Like stated above Im one of those few who had some bad side effects, but still when the nerve pain gets bad I still turn to it regardless.
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Kent's right on.  I take Lyrica for my feet.My left foot was amputated, gutted and rebuildt with muscle from my stomach and skin from my thiegh.I have CRAZY nerve problems in my feet.I get (or was) spastic pulses that are shocking feeling. it felt  like a symphony was performing inside my foot, a drum roll here, a crash of a cybal there, it was intolerable. It was like getting electrical shocks at different parts of your feet at spiratic voltages and places. The opiates didnt help with that kinda discomfort. I take pain pills for the dull droning, throbbing pain. I get no buzz from Lyrica.I take it only at bedtime as it makes me super sleepy. I have been on it for over a year and it works just the same as it did the first day I took it.
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I believe it says on the insert that it can be addictive or habit forming...something to that effect...be careful
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