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Lyrica for withdrawals

I have been reading on the Internet alot about narcotic withdrawals. I read that lyrica can help with the withdrawals. I was wondering if anyone here has used it for withdrawals? Did it help? What symptoms did it help? The naseousness, diarrhea, ??
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immodium name brand is the best for all ur tummy issues stock up.my doctor actually just prescibed me some(new doctor but Ive been clean415days)she gave it to me dor mt back problems.I looked it up and the side effects r a little scary and if u take it for a length of time u cant just quit cause u will have w'd possible seizures.I can tell u I took it for 5days.At night.Made me sleep like crazy the 1st3 then insomnia the last2 before I quit.Im sure someone will come along thats taken it for w/d.
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I was already on lyrica and I have found that if I've having a very bad day I can take an extra lyrica and it does help.  It seems to help with the anxiety.  
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