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Lyrica withdrawal

I have been taking 150mg x2 of lyrica for 6 months,   My mood has been affected tremendously, depression, anxiety, not wanting to do anything.
I have had enough!  I stopped taking my first dose of 150mg immediately and haven't had any issues, I plan on continuing to stop cold turkey.  I would rather have my life back than be on this medication.

So far so good, I will keep you all posted on w/d

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What is that poll all about???? It makes no sense at all. sorry, I cannot help you with that.

Anyway, I would consult with your doctor before stopping the medication cold turkey. Let him/her give you the correct advise on how to stop. What do you plan to do for your pain issues after this medication?
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I agree with IBK here.  Talk with your doctor about stopping this med.  We want you to be safe~
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