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Been trying to makes some motivating CDs. Not like CDs to work out to, but just to keep me in a good frame of mind. Here's what I've come up with so far....feel free to add. I like just about everything except rap and techno...
Some songs may be about getting over love or something, but lets face it, for most of us drugs were our love!  Hope someone benefits from this or can add to my list something I haven't thought of...

Stronger Woman (Jewel)
Country Strong (Gweneth Paltrow)
A Broken Wing (Martina McBride)
Lemon Drop (Pistol Annies)
A Little Bit Stronger (Sara Evans)
I'm Doing Alright (Jacob Lyda)
I'm Alright (Jo Dee Messina)
It's a Great Day to be Alive (Travis Tritt)
Something More (Sugarland)
I'm a Survivor (Reba McEntire)

Survivor (Destiny's Child)
Stonger (Kelly Clarkson)
Soldier (Gavin Degraw)
Something to Believe In (Parachute)
It's My Life (Bon Jovi)

Every Time You Run (Manafest)
Your Love Is Strong (Jon Foreman)
Far Away (Sister Hazel)
The Sun Will Rise (Kelly Clarkson)
I'd Need a Savior (Among the Thirsty)
Washed by the Water (Needtobreathe)
Amen (Christ August)
I Believe (Chris August)
Remind Me Who I Am (Jason Gray)
Savior, Please (Josh wilson)
Identity (Kutless)
Into the Light (Matthew West)
Strong Enough (Matthew West)
Ganna Be Alright (Rhett Walker Band)
I Believe (Seventh Day Slumber)
Live Like That ( Sidewalk Prophets)
Help Me Find It (Sidewalk Prophets)
Meet With Me (Ten Shekel Shirt)
The Struggle (Tenth Ave. North)
Worn (Tenth Ave. North)
Grace (Tenth Ave. North)
Who You Are (Unspoken)
Down (Mat Kearney)
So Far Gone (Thousand Food Krutch)
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Cont'd from previous post

Allow this feeling of being infinitely BLESSED to sink to the core of your heart, mind and soul! Know that you are a God-Being, and you deserve it!
See yourself the way you want to be, full of vibrant energy and health.
As with all manifestation techniques, keep in mind that juicing up your emotions — really FEELING the joy and excitement outlined in the meditation — is the best way to kick the attraction power into high gear The more you can relax into your body during this visualization, the easier it will be to experience feelings of WELLNESS, and actually attract HEALTH into your life. Receiving this increased energy and healing is also about releasing the attachment to your fear of not healing.
This fear dissolves when you know in your heart that the Universe will always provide for you. This feeling of deep healing occurs when you realize that you are a God-Being and every cell in your body is vibrating with the Universe’s energy!
In order to fully maximize the power of this meditation, set a strong intention to maintain this feeling and vibration all day long. It feels good to bathe in these feelings of wellness all the time, so consciously refocus your energy on these feelings whenever your mind strays back to *negative thinking.
The instant a fear arises, breathe through it, and IMMEDIATELY return to complete 100% positive energy and healing! Start walking, and acting as if you have already attained that ultimate goal you wanted to manifest.
This is an exercise in trusting the intelligent Universe, yourself, and the natural manifesting process. So take your time and be very patient with yourself. You will learn as you practice it.
Change begins at a deep level, and this meditation is a deep cellular transformation that will allow you to almost effortlessly magnetize more of what you want into your life.
The above is just a suggested way of doing it.  It could be modified and altered to suit individual situations the way you feel it would work better for you.
I recommend daily 30-60 minutes for a minimum of one month. After that, several times a week depending the gravity of the issue. For serious health challenges like cancer a very aggressive approach is needed .
However I personally find that daily maintenance meditation keeps you connected and growing. Our energy is a constant dynamic that has the potential to lift us up to great levels of consciousness or push us down to miserable low levels of existence.When this method is applied properly you may be able to experience the most amazing and positive events in your life.  Trust the Universe, surrender and let go of your attachments that are blocking this wonderful process, and watch it all happen!
Love and Light.

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Hey ricart70 ! No problem.

Here it is:

This is something I have put together for myself and anyone who wants to use it. There are numerous of other options as well.

Applied Meditation for Wellness (and  anything else)

Download the brain wave generator (free* from bwgendotcom) take your time to explore all it’s features and then go to Alpha 8-14 HZ or Theta 4-8 HZ states from the presets (It will bring you to a meditative mode fairly fast).
Or you may want to go to :
   "Musical Rapture-A Healing Gift to Humanity"   from Joao Cota-Robles.
It's just wonderful, relaxing and blissful. Just do a search

Put your headphones on (noise reduction and with left and right sides tested) and:
Start by relaxing every muscle in your entire body. Imagine a warm, Healing Energy and Light caressing and entering every single cell inside you.
When you are deeply relaxed, repeat the sound “Ahhhhhh” out loud, or in your mind. This is the same sound you would make if you had a big epiphany or were watching the most exquisite sunset. Let the sound come out effortlessly, releasing and relaxing your being deep inside.
Let the sound flow gently and naturally out of your lungs and vocal chords or visualize it vividly. Don’t force it out. Let it relax you deeper.
Then, imagine a golden liquid light running up from the base of your spine, through your heart, and showering out the top of your head.
As it fountains out the crown of your head, the liquid light cascades down over your entire body. You become a fountain of energy, bathing in golden vibrant goodness.
With each in-breath the energy flows up your spine to the top of your head. With each out-breath it flows out your crown, cascades down around your body, and drenches your skin, muscles, bones and cells with warm golden healing energy.
After 7 minutes of bathing in your golden shower, take the remaining time to imagine millions of healing rays coming down from above, dumping all over your neighborhood, entering your house, and filling up your room!
Visualize yourself swimming through the billions of healing energy cells,. Experience the feelings of WELLNESS, JOY, PEACE, and EXCITEMENT this ENERGY brings to you.
To be cont'd (post is too long)

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Hey Light !  This sounds totally interesting !  Where can I listen to some of these ? Music is good but it is often way to literal  for me I used to be a musician and as a result of that (and me being me ;)  ) I just tend to analyze it rather than listen to it.I also just don't like listening to the same old tired music I used to like over and over. Jazz is the only music I can really listen to anymore without thinking thoughts.     Any more info would be much appreciated.
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Hey KLB. Well done! What a wonderful suggestion.

My greatest interest is,besides the Spiritual and Psychic world,
in the Human potential.

So when I read your post  I went aha!
Great to listen to motivating and mood enhancing music, however,
we can add another element to this that will touch our inner core.

And this is Subliminal/Binaural sounds that go through the filter of the
mostly conditioned Conscious Mind and into the Subconscious Mind.

The Subconscious Mind is the more purposeful part of your consciousness and its amazing power can help you achieve things, that your conscious mind will never achieve.

If you believe that your conscious mind is in control , guess what?
WRONG!  Your decisions, your life  is absolutely controlled by your subconscious mind!
An overweight person really wants to lose weight (conscious mind), yet at midnight goes to the fridge and eats half a black forest cake (subconscious mind). The deeper reasons don't matter what they are, as long as they are stored in the subconscious mind. Trauma, good and bad memories,
negative & positive emotions, false & true beliefs, or any information to be stored for future use, all reside there.

I have been using binaural and subliminal sounds for years with great success and it's rather remarkable to experience results for the first time!
It feels like something magical took place because there's very little effort
There are many free  brain wave generator sites to create your own, or you can get ready ones on YouTube, or purchase ready made CDs of your liking.
It only takes 15-30 minutes each time and of course the more repetition
the better the results.
Motivation, improve learning and memory, better quality sleep, manage pain better etc.
I personally use it for anything!

Please let me know if you need any details.

Blessings to all!


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Skyscraper (Demi Lovato)
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