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Made it through the surgery...

Hi everyone!! I made it through the surgery, I am back at work today (not sure if that is a good thing or not). Have my yoga pants on. My doctor did what I wanted him to do and gave me the lesser 5/325 Norco at quantity 30. I took them very sparingly, and am now taking ibuprofen. I still have 15 pills left in case of pain, but do not think that I will be needing them. My surgery was seven days ago, so I'm glad that I only needed to take half the amount that was given. I was so freaked out by getting the "high" feeling, but I never got it. I was in a lot of pain and very tired so every time I took one, I just went to sleep. And I was really really freaked out about getting the withdrawals again, but since I took so few, I didn't get them at all :) I felt weird and shaky after the anesthesia and fentanyl wore off that they gave me before and after surgery (anesthesia before, fentanyl after). But I think I felt that way last time too. I feel a lot better but my insides kind of feel bloated and like I pulled a muscle, but pain is subsiding. I will see how I feel after sitting in my chair for 8 hours, if I can handle that. Thank you all for your advice. No withdrawal, no craving, no nothing. I don't even want to take another pill, so I guess I'm good. If I don't need anymore of them in the next couple of days, I will have my fiance get rid of them so they are not in the house. Anyway, I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and hope you all have a wonderful holiday!!
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hey Girl.....well congrats on passing the test....when I went for dental surgery my wife doled out the pain meds...we got into a few arguments about me needing to take one a hour sooner then was prescribed but she did not give in....she actually said ''lets just call tony your sponcer and see if he thinks you should get it early''  I thought to my self you B [email protected]#!!!!!! but we got threw it and im still clean.....it amazing me how ez it is for this addict is to throw it all away....but im the biggest pill freak there is if left to myself with a bottle of pills.... we flushed the remainder after the first week and all ended well....so be proud of yourself.....OOO and ya get rid of the rest of the pils and get a A+ on the life test
Thanks Gnarly!! And I will definitely get rid of whatever is left over. I don't want to be able to take one in a moment of "weakness." I'm glad that I never wanted to take one early. I sure freaked myself out about it before the surgery though.
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I am glad to hear you are doing okay.  Get rid of the remaining pills.  They can call your name when you least expect it.  So he is back to being your fiance???
I got rid of the pills last night as I was fine with ibuprofen at work, and that was my main pain concern. He's not back to being my fiance, I'm just used to saying that. I'm trying to get my ducks in a row for myself and my son to start a new life on our own, without any type of addiction around me, and where I can focus on the wellbeing of myself and my son. I think that is the best decision.
that sounds wonderful. You sound very mentally healthy. You can do this. i am proud to be a fellow sister.
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Glad to hear you are still working towards a better life for you and your son.  Hopefully your guy will do the same.
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Glad your doing okay sounds like you did great with the pain pills looks like we will still be clean for Christmas.My back been hurting a little more went to doctor she said we could try lyrica but trying hold off see if I just need to adjust to cold weather.
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