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Man, it's dead tonight... if anyone wants to gab, I have 50 minutes til I hafta go to work lol

Anyone?  Anyone? Anyone at all? lol Hugzzzzz, Lil.  :)
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what are you doing girl?   you need some sleep...lol

hope you got my offline IM...

one more time, huh?   that's great...one more try is better than not trying at all.   stay strong...don't give up.    put as much effort in becoming clean as you have put into feeding your addiction.   your personality is not one of a quitter...so make this your new "mission"...and do WHATEVER it takes to get there.   do you hear me joanne?   you do WHATEVER ! ! ! ! !

we will all be here for you...and i will always be here for you my friend...just call on me.   love ya sweetie...and "know"...not think...but "know" that you can do this.   is will not be easy...but you can succeed.

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