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March Roll Call!!!

I am an addict and I choose to NOT use today.It's March 1,which means it's Roll Call time!!! Let's hear everyone's clean time no matter how long it is!! Also,what gets you through the tough times,like cravings? To those just starting out on their journey,stay strong and don't give up!!! It's a struggle to be sure but a battle that can be won!! Hang in there,keep posting,and believe in yourself. Start with tonight,take it hour by hour if need be.Stay strong!!!
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I'm at 750 days!!!
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7 days and my son gets me through my cravings... O and hershey Hugs candy! Lol
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3 months ..woot woot
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683 Days!!   We can do it!!
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7 days! Im sure you are all tired of hearing it....but this support group snd gapapentin get me through! It would be an epic fail without the combination xoxo   s
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well i am at 49 days clean.. And i have to say it is getting out and moving walking, jogging, ect. And God definately helps alot ..  And also this forum helps so much with the support one could need..  Lets keep on keepin on..


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Awesome, phia! I just told someone today here to keep on keepin on! Lol   s
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1409 days here!.........thanks sara!
Gratefull for every day!!!
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14,235 Days! Seem like alot?   that's just about how many days I've been here...in life. I used for about 370 of those days, consecutively.  And have been clean for just less than 50 of those days. My  secret to getting through and not experiencing cravings is sushi by the rice paddy,  red bull by the case, sugar by the kilo, and meeting nice women.....(just to talk)      ...  [*that's what happens when I get up at 4:45am on a Friday!]
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30 days and remembering how awful detox was today is what is keeping me from taking pills today.
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Congrats to all of you!  

26 days for me this time!  Woot, Woot!
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Im on day three and to alot of people that seems like a little but remembering day one and how far away this day and any other felt its a big thing!  Reminding myself that this is what i want to do and feeling gods presents is what is and will keep me clean!   as a young woman i honestly feel like i can turn this into a positive growing experiance and learn from it and if ever needed help someone, at least be understanding!  even though i feel bad I FEEL BETTER!!!!
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Wow it's been a while since I've been in the forum. Today is 1031 days clean of all mind altering substances. Thanks to God and AA, my life today is more amazing and full than I ever thought possible!
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Mt bf at 8 days clean from H.
Really pleased hes taking subatex 16mg, hes still getting pretty bad headaches and bad dreams, but hes doing it. Starts his tapering on 8th March. Thank you to everyone for your kind words to help me, help him. x
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88 DAYS!!!  I can taste 90..(:

What moves me forward in my recovery is breath, hiking in the woods (my church) yoga, counselling, a strong support network (including all my lovely MH friends(:), my creative process, and most of all, being kind to myself.  In yoga, we call it Mytrie...Being your own best friend.  I wouldn't trade a single second of sobriety...I am learning how to live again, and even in adversity, it is beautiful.
Love to all...
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46 days clean.  congrats to everybody!!!!!!!!!!! What a ride! I'm holding on
with both hands!
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394 days off Vicodin.  Seems like forever ago when those pills ruled my life, great to be free :)
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Congrats to all.Im290+days clean.I feel so blessed.U all have been there through the ups and downs for me&Ive done my best2help others.One minute,hour,day,week,month at a time.If ur just starting out take it1second at a time if u need to.If I can do it ANYONE CAN
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Today is 114days off perks,,I feel like me again,,finally. It was a long painful journey in the earlier days mentally and physically but today I realize it was all worth it in the end. My guard is up. Lately I have had some cravings,,they come fast and leave as fast as they come. I try to identify what is happening in my life or what am I feeling at that moment that I am craving and deal with the feelings. I also started sucking on butterscotches candy lately when I feel a craving and that really really helps me too. And "girl" 3 days or 300days its all one and the same,,we both share the common denominator and that is we are sober. Way to go on day 3!!! Never minimize any clean time!! One day at a time and keep it simple ((Hugs))~Bkitty
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25 Days for me. Congrats to everyone!
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Well still here on day 3 after a relapses but still fighting
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Well still here on day 3 after a relapses but still fighting
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Minn here. I just counted and 99 days for me. At first I tracked minutes, then hours, then days, then weeks. I kinda knew roughly how long it had been but to count it. Wow. 99. Gunn, my pennies have almost added up to a dollar ;) I am proud of each and every one of us! :D
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14 Days!!! It feels SO  SO great to go places and do things without having to worry about did I bring enough pills???!!! LOL I know some of you have been there, that uhoh moment when you want to go somewhere & start frantically counting to see if you've got enough pills to get you through... no more of that for me!!! I'm so relieved to just go & do things without needing a pill....Congrats to EVERYONE!!!  
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