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Mayo Clinic.

Just have to let you all know.I have been into the Mayo clinic for the past hour looking for info. Using your search engine, Google or whatever Just type in Mayo Clinic and whatever problem you want to know about for instance. Mayo Clinic,drug withdrawal. Mayo clinic,dry mouth. Mayo Clinic,oxycontin and so on. It has distinct possibility of helping some or all of us as to what to do. I should have looked there to begin with. Now I have a ton of possible help. Try it, it may be just what you need.     Mannie    
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To be honest, I think trazadone is a horrible drug. My doc prescribed it to me for anxiety and insomnia but it made me feel dizzy, weak and more anxious. I only recommended it because I knoe some people have had some success with it. I think for Mannie's condition (anxiety, panic attacks and accute insomnia) a benzo is the best choice but as you have pointed out they can prove very addictive. I think that addiction to benzos is mainly a function of length of time that they are taken for and short term users are generally ok but I can fully understand Mannie's reluctance to take them. He has had his fingers burn with the oxy and wisely doesn't want to make the same mistake again. God bless all, Graeme.
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