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Medical ? related to pill use

I have been clean from pain pills (hydro) for almost 2 years.  5 year ago (while still eating them like candy) I had a colonoscopy and had polyps removed and a recommendation to repeat in 5 years.  I just had that one which showed an abnormal polyp and suggestion to repeat in 4-5 years.  I made appt. with gastro that did the colonoscopy for further followup.  I am going to have to admit my drug use and that makes my tummy hurt as usual, but will if I need to.  My question is do you think it possible that the 5 years or so of pain pills addiction could be a possible contributor to this?   Not terrible worried, but as I have had 2 friends die recently of colon cancer and one young (31) friend undergoing chemo for same I am a little nervous.

Anyway, thanks for listening!  I trust this board and hope you can help.
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Hey littlebit!!  Good to see you!!!  From what I have researched and read the last year and a half.....opiate use isn't related to polyps AT ALL....

From what I've learned, our age, diet, lifestyle and genetic makeup are the 4 factors that can affect this the most...not a history of opiate abuse.

those over 50 are more susceptible....
have a genetic/family history in any way
it's the very best to eat low FAT food.... and HIGH fiber foods
alcohol in excess and also tobacco use can affect formation
most polyps are NOT cancerous....it usually takes 10 yrs for a polyp's cellular structure to "change and become malignant"
sedentary lifestyle/no exercise is a huge commonality
lastly, not drinking water and not eating high fiber foods of all kinds

Hope that helps ya, girl.  I'm so glad you are all right and getting the polyps taken care of.  I read that once you get them, your chances of having them increases....but that doesn't mean you WILL or that you can't make some lifestyle changes to help.
Be good to yourself....you are being responsible and facing all this head on without opiates!!!!  Can't wait to celebrate your 2 (TWO) YEAR BDAY!!!!
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Hi Honey!  Everything that CIK said is just perfect and I really can't think of one reason why you need to say a thing about opiate abuse...at all.

There isn't any literature about a relationship between opiates and colon cancer and polyps are not unusual, as CIK said.  So stay strong and don't think about this!   Hugs to you...
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Thanks to both of you.  I guess the thing about opiates and constipation had me wondering if there was a connection.  I do feel better and will go ahead and see the gastro guy to see what else he has to say (minus the pill info, I really hate to have to tell yet another doctor about it.).  :).  

I am adopted and have no clue about familial genetics, but have a few indicators that were mentioned.  I am upping my fiber intake and water usage.  Looks like I am going to have a colonoscopy every 5 years in my future.  

Thanks for everything!  I am looking forward to my 2 year mark! :)
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You just focus on getting better.  I am also glad to see you taking care of your body as you know we didnt do such a good job during our use!  We have a 2 yr celebration to focus on now!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks, Sarah!  I just checked it will be 2 years in another 38 days!  Woot!  I will be sure to be here with bells on!
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