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I just went to my first 12 step meeting tonight.  It was a 12 step group based on Buddhist philosophy and I really liked the discussion forum.  I am still tapering off my meds and have a long way to go but it was a step in the right direction.
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Good for you! That's great that you found something that will work for you. How did you happen to come across this type of meeting? (I would be very interested to go to something 'non traditional' like that. I think it would be better suited for me.)
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I would love to hear more about this.
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Hi, I actuality found the group on "Meetup" online--I have been trying to find ways to increase my support system and get out more.  Meetup does everything from dinners, movies, hiking, yoga to support groups .

Anyway, the Buddhist 12 step group pretty much follows the original 12 steps but takes its own flavor.  Perhaps The most important part is learning mindfulness (living in the present) for self improvement.  They also practice meditation at the meeting and use sounding bowls .  You must bow in respect to others comments and your own.  I found it very enlightening and supportive.  I have always had an interest in Buddhism and Asian  philosophy so I was happy to find this group.

If you are interested in seeing if there is one in your area or learning more, the online site can be found at
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Awesome! There is 1 near me :)) was there a wide range of ethnicities there? I don't want to feel even more out of place
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At the group I went to there was about 10 people, about equal men and women and wide variety of ages.  However, I don't believe there was a variety of ethnicity.
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that sounds so interesting ... I am wondering about the whole Higher Power issue ... did you find out anything about what people believe in?  I would be interested to know if it's a power 'outside yourself' or if is more like the self-actualization theme or 'godhead' ...  I am so glad you are doing well!
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I follow Buddhist philosophy..........I would LOVE to know more about these meetings.
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Wow!! Sounds very interesting!
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Thanks Phoenix for the info! I will definitely check into that.
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So glad you went and that meeting sounds awesome!!  We had a meditation/11th Step mtg in my area, but it's a seasonal meeting that only happens in the summer.  I love trying things like that; I think they are more progressive than traditional meetings and encompass more of the mind/body/spirit connection.
So proud of you :)))
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Phoenix,I am so happy to hear how well you are doing!!!! You can do this!!!
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