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Menopause or withdrawals?

I have taken Xanax 1mg for about 10 years after the suicide death of my husband and became dependent on them.  I started to wean myself off them and noticed huge fluctuations in my body temperature, I would alternate between freezing and sweating to death.  It has been a few months and I slowly kept cutting my dose in half and am now down to .25 and about to try to just stop all together (I can't cut my pill any smaller)  but now am unsure if the hot flashes I am still experiencing are continued withdrawal symptoms or if I am starting menapause.  I am 50 years old.  Thanks in advance for any insight you might have to share with me.
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Probably withdrawl as benzo detox takes a loooong time. But, see a doctor.
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I agree with jifmoc, what you're experiencing is likely detox.  Detox from benzos is difficult and takes a very long time.  See you doctor and ask for .25 pills, then break those in half.  

Best of luck~
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