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Mersyndol withdrawal .

I have not taken any codeine for 6 weeks. Very pleased about this. Feeling soo flat. Not interested in doing much.or going out. This is very unlike me.i do suffer from depression and take zoloft. What I'd  like to know is this feeling normal and does it eventually go away.
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Hi Dee Congrats on 6 weeks That is Awesome!! You have been over supplying your brain with feel good endorphins thru the Codeine. Now your brain is having to make them Naturally this is going to take a lil time for your brain is trying to heal itself. You can help by eating really healthy and making sure to exercise get some sun and fresh air. You will get your Natural energy back you just need to be patient.. Happy for you that you were able to break free Congrats again! lesa
Thank you lesa  .great to know i dont have to feel like this forever.
It feels like forever while going thru it I do understand! when we take this stuff for any length of time It will take a lil for the healing to take place. I once read a post here about the receptors in our brain but they used gates as a  analogy.. I will just pull a random number to explain. We have 5 gates in our brain when we flood them with drugs they will overflow so another gate gets made to handle the feel good endorphins the more we flood the more gates open to receive these feel good endorphins and let them pass to the brain. Then we take the drugs away but here are all these new gates that were opened with nothing filling them. Our brain will get rid of the extra gates and go back down to 5 with the healing but while this is happening it is trying to fill all those gates with less feel good endorphins. Your brain will start to shut gates til it reaches its original number 5. This is when you get back your Natural Energy and Joy. I know I did not explain it great but I hope you get the picture.. It all comes back:))
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