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Is 5 - 10 mg of oral methadone a large dose? I have only been on a few weeks. I was on oxy's most of the summer ( about 30 to 40 mgs a day for shoulder pain pretty much was done with those and then someone hooked me with the meth, I don't think I've taken enogh to get high on. can someone give me some advice?
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5-10 mg is a low dose when i know patients on over 300 mg a day of methadone...and they actually breathe and function..toelrence will grow and this is a big bad ugly drug to wd from....to answer ur question..that is a low dose..what is ur long term plan?
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I've been depressed and taking the little bites to make me feel better. At the end of a work day I take two mgs of xanax and a 5mg of meth and it meellows me out and decompresses me. The xanx are legit and I don't abuse. I want to lose the Meth long or short term whadda ya think
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2 mgs of xanax is alot/i would be a bit more concerned with that than the 5 mg of methadone...that does not seem to be ur concern tho...start 2.5mg of methadone in the evneing for a few days and flush the rest
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PLEASE stop calling METHADONE..METH..there is a HUGE difference and unfortuantly many people get the two confused!  

5-10 mg is extremely low..I have been on 150mg a day for 8 years and have a very successful, high paying career and high functioning life. I however have worked my program to the letter and plan to do a VERY VERY slow detox (over a year or more) when my daughter graduates. This is MY PLAN and works for ME!  Good luck to all!
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Agreed. Meth means crystal meth....methadone means methadone!
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