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Well, Here is a little past, I'm 31 years old, Female. I have a 4 year old son and been on Methadone for 11 years. I have recently been told by my GP that I may also be BiPolar. He put me on Valium because I have SEVERE Anxiety and depression. I have taken everything under the sun for the depression. NOTHING works.  I have been told by him that the Methadone might be hindering my diagnosis. That is neither here nor there, just info. My Methadone Clinic HATES that I'm on Valium 10 mgs 3 times a day as needed. And I have extra. Not abusing it. I made them count it. My problem is, The Methadone has always made me tired, the Valium has nothing to do with that. It's always made me nod but with a child I cannot do this. Is Suboxone a lifetime drug. Will I end up going back to the Methadone or what... I feel like I'm "sleeping" my life away. I mean My SON will has to tell me, "Wake up Mommy". I'm on 86 mgs at the moment. Just went down one more mg this week. Will going down to a low dose help me out. I feel trapped and like I have this monster inside me that is just waiting for me to get off methadone so it can eat me alive. I have a great family. And I just don't know what to do. BTW My clinic with my permission talked to my doctor about the methadone and valium and I was told it would all be okay.  I got my last (3rd month of taking it)  script for it yesterday. Is it a  coincidence, and is this a normal thing or did my clinic get him to take me off? Opinions? Sorry so much. I'm just spinning. OH... And will Suboxone make me tired. Will it Just make things worse for me?
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Hi welcome to the forum....I was on methadone for almost 7yrs it is possible to taper off it took me 8 1/2 months to taper off.. as for the nodding off your dose is the problem so weening off will help that I am also Bi polar so I know what your going threw  if you choose to go on sub you have to taper down to 20mg to do the switch tapering can be done the slower the better and if you decide to go on the sub you may just be traiddnig addictions keep posting for support.....Gnarly
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Hello and welcome. Valium and methadone are both respiratory and central nervous system depressants. It is really dangerous to be on both at the same time. Very suprised your doctor and clinic are agreeing to this.

I would definitely recommend tapering down on the methadone.
Eleven years is a long time. You are very young and don't want to be on it for life.

Have you been attending counseling and/ or support groups while on the methadone?
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Thank you so much for your advice and I appreciate the knowledge from someone who has been there...
I Thank you.
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Hi! Yes... I have 2 councilling and therapy sessions a week. I am now going to be going to a psychiatrist..or pyschologist... not sure on the difference. That's just it... everything was fine for 2 months and then they gave me one more script and now they said no more. I realize it's a respiratory risk. But my life without  it is a nightmare. Is it normal for a doctor to put you on KNOWING of the methadone and the risk and then take you off after three months? Or do you think my clinic had a lot to do with it? I do appreciate your concern.
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BTW... did you know before or after the methadone that you were Bi Polar... were you diagnosed before? During? After? Cause My GP said it's hard to determine while I'm on The MMT. Do you think that My clinic had a lot to do with him taking me off the valium, or is this normal, short term drug for Anxiety and depression? And why give to me at all... if he knew I was on Methadone. And if he was going to take me off... It's like giving a baby a pacifier and then taking it away once it helps.... any thoughts?
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And my clinic isn't  "agreeing" to it... that's why Im wondering, is it them that got him to take me off, or is it a short term drug? The valium I mean...
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Your doctor is right it is hard to get a true diagnosis of any mental health issues while on any drug. Once on meds for a long time your brain is rewired.
My son was diagnosed with bipolar. At the time he was using coke, xanax, ecstasy, drinking and lots of pot. Now that he has been clean for quite a few years he has greatly stabilized.
He does take a low dose of Paxil.
Hun the psychiatrist is a doctor to evaluate mental disorders and prescribes meds.
A psychologist is a therapist, a counselor.

Why do you feel you would relapse if you stopped the methadone?
If you have been in counseling and have gotten your life together while on the methadone you should beable to come off.
It is recommended even after someone stops the methadone to continue in counseling and support groups.
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I would tend to believe the prescribing doctor possible wasn' t aware of
The interaction between the drugs. Most Likely the clinic advised him.
Methadone clinics don't usually allow patients to use both drugs together, too dangerous. Many clinics will dismiss patients who are using benzos.
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Hi there, after i started a subutex taper and started showing signs of withdrawals and extreme anxiety, i was also prescribed Valium, 10mgs 4 times a day, also to stop rls and to get some sleep. But Valium is only prescribed if on a taper and ready to jump soon and showing signs if withdrawals. This happens to all Methadone and Sub patients in my part of the world. I dont live in America : )
Anyway, i filled my script and didnt bother taking any, i realised i'd have to withdrawal that too. So i just stuck to panadol rapid, nurofen zavance and codapaine forte when i was really sick.
I agree 11 years is a long time but not uncommon for a Methadone patient.
Im not going to tell you to taper and jump, i dont think its that simple for a patient on Meth for 11 years.
I think also that you will feel better getting to a lower dose also.
Sometimes the body gets used to the dose and feels its not working anymore, when in actual fact, the dose just needs to be adjusted lower to be felt more.
I think if you switch to Sub when your dose is low enough, you will probably feel much better, Sub has a more get up and go feeling, and its not as bad to detox from, Methadone is the hardest.
Who knows, it may change your whole outlook on life and you may actually get off all maintenance meds one day.
I know how you feel doing this with a child. I have 3 children 6, 5 and 2 and sometimes it can be quite scarey.
I pulled through and havent used heroin since 3rd of February 2012.
I started subutex maintenance on 4th of February 2012 and finished on 26th of November 2013.
I loved the way sub changed me, i loved being on it. My mind was set in a way as such that i never got addicted, i didnt look at it that way, it was just something i had to do to get clean.
You will get there one day, i believe that, otherwise you would not be here on the forum.
You do what you feel is right for you and your little one.
Just know, we will support you whatever you decide, take care x : )
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Also i just want to add, the other comments from Gnarly and Debbie, they have been on this forum a long time, they give godsend advice to many, many people. Also, have played a part, in helping many to quit their doc, so please dont go anywhere, we really do care about everyone : )
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I tapered from 250mgs methadone to 160mgs in a month, switched to subs. I was told by one doctor I had to be down to 30mgs or less of methadone, but my sub doctor had a technique to help me switch. I was too scared to stay on subs long enough. Had I allowed more time for the methadone to leach out, I believe it would have been much easier on me. Subs gave me more energy and clarity than methadone, so I prefer sub to methadone any day. Whatever you decide to do, you have started a path to freedom. Congratulations, your freedom has already started. Keep searching for your plan and we will support it.
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Oh yeah, one of the reasons I should have stayed on subs longer is because I am diagnosed bipolar one and it became more intense as my brain healed from methadone.
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Hi & Welcome..I went from hydo/oxys to getting my Methadone prescribe for 12 years. I was taking a benzo at night to come down after I added  another drug to my methadone and was snorting it. I know that was not very wise of me but I am a long time Addict..I did find out later that the big reason why i was nodding out late at night was because of the mixture of the dones and the benzo..During the day I was so spun and wired, but when i added the benzo it became a very bad mix. Most Drs will not mix these two and they also will not allow a benzo with the subs either in my town.
There are many of us that have been on this site for awhile and have been clean..Some did a nice and easy taper while others went c/t like I did off of 3 meds in 2012.
The big thing is that I would recommend that you get off of all drugs before they tell you that you are Bi-polar. When I had around 40 days I went and seen a Dr who said I might have this becasue my voice was racing and so on..Well Daaaa I was in detox..My own Dr said no way do I have this and it has become highly over rated..I am not saying you are not Bi-polar because I am NOT a DR..BUT I sure would come clean and then find out what is going on..Make sure you are eating very healthy right now and drink lots of fluids and take some vit/min..The more you can flush out the methadone the better it will be in the long run..I sure wish you the best.
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Hi to answer your question I was diagnosed a few yrs b/4 I was on methadone but the methadone helped control the bi/polar it is tricky to get off the methadone when your bi/polar it messes with your sleep I did not sleep for months but finely I started to get sleep but only for 5 or 6 hours  I guess my days for a nice 8hr sleep is over the real trick here is to get off of it without sending your self into a manic episode you got to go and slow taper to the single digits..as for the Valium it is very dangerous to mix benzos with methadone especially if your all ready nodding off both will suppress your respiration  many people have died doing this ...any ways keep posting for support we have several members that Have mad it off of this c rap if you have questions just ask or message me if you take your cusor and hover it over my name it will pop up a box just clik on send a message and I will get it good luck and God bless
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He knew for sure because he looked it up in his I pad or some gadget. And they gave me another month.... and to answer the question about coming off and relapsing... I just know myself. I have a very addictive personality and I think about it even though I don't do it I think about using all the time. I also have no will power. I mean, I MAKE my fiancee keep my valium for me so I don't abuse it. Ya know. Sometimes you just know that if you could, you would.
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Thank you for the GREAT advice! And the way in which you said it... I feel like you really sympathize. So I appreciate that!
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How long did you stay on Subs... and is it common for addicts to be bipolar. Do you get manic?  And do you feel like it's getting better... what are you doing now to stay clean and not go over the line.
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Thanks for the helpful comments... I agree... I don't really feel like I am bipolar... I feel like, I'm just anxious and depressed. idk. Who wouldn't be in our kinds of situations.  I used get 2 weeks Methadone at a time and would take 400mg's for one day and just seperated what was left for the rest of the time. I  don't know what the hell I was thinking. Then I started doing pretty much what I think you are talking about daily with the methadone. I just wanna be sober and I wish I never tried anything. Thanks for the welcome and sharing!
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I have been off methadone over a year i felt like life would swallow me up and eat me alive .
it was hard its still hard sometimes but through aftercare I am finally able to live and feel, and I even enjoy the bad feelings and depression because I can feel...its hard was the hardest thing I have ever had to do
but its possible and if I can you can
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I was on for 6 years i think every day and before that 4 years of opiate abuse I have had ZERO opiates or benzos in over a year
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