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Methadone Addiction - Complete Accident.

My boyfriend of 9 months who is an accident victim was prescribed Methadone and Opana just got out of rehab himself, but around Thanks Giving, I broke my finger and he was giving me his doses of Methadone... It's now June and I'm still on it. Only him and I know I'm on it, I refuse to tell my doctors or anyone because I'm also a Celiac and Fibromyalgia patient and I don't want to ruin my chances for getting help. I am down to taking a quarter of a tablet a day. I never really took that much to begin with. Most I took was 2 tablets a day so I wouldn't say I have it as bad as anyone else at all. I need to ween down by myself. I flushed all of his medications but I kept only three tablets that gives me 12 quarter pills to wean. I took a quarter this morning, what do you all suggest I should do with the other 11? You thing I should go with another quarter tomorrow and then cut the quarters in half by taking one of those slivers in the morning and a sliver at night? And then narrowing it down to just a sliver and then jump off? What are some supplements that have helped you? I'm allergic to anxiety medications so that's been my downfall. I am so ashamed of myself and guilty. This isn't like me at all since everyone in my family has some sort of addiction. Please help :(
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Im on my phone not a computer so its hard to type. We can't tell you how to wean down. But i was on methadone for 8 years and i have 368 Days off of them. It was hard i stayed online kept busy. As much as possible and i bit the bullet. Imo id ask a dr n be honest though pm me if u need it is possible
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