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Methadone Help/Personal Journey

Hello to all....

I thought I might be able to help those who are attempting to come clean and face the horrors of methadone withdrawal.

I've used methadone recreationally for several years. At my worst I was taking about 40mgs/day. I can admit that taking a drug like methadone that allows one to function somewhat normally was appealing enough for me to justify taking it. The bottom line... I am a recovering addict.

About a year ago I had to go without taking a single methadone, that was my 40mg/day habit,  for 12 days until my source could provide more. My withdrawals were horrible. For those of you who have read or researched methadone withdrawal/detox - I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything as bad. I made it to the 12th day and started my drug abuse again out of necessity.

A year later...

I have been taking as much as 15mgs/day since last year. My conscience has outweighed my desire to continue taking the drug. For about 3 months I had been taking the drug because I was afraid to go through the withdrawals again even though I was not taking nearly as much as my worst abuse. I decided to face the consequinces and stop the drug all together.

For those of you who are only taking a 10/mg pill or less a day - this is what I've personally endured for the past 14 days.

The first 3 days were very uncomfortable. I experienced the body aches, EXCESSIVE sweating, headache, my mind was clouded, restless legs, twitching, and insomnia. Additionally, I was very angry, extremely weak, and feeling hopeless. But it was bearable, uncomfortable, but bearable.

After the 3rd or 4th day my severe reactions began to subside. I found myself anxious to get up of the couch but the energy it took to accomplish that simple task was all the energy I had and it wasn't long before I returned to laying down.

Now, I can say, since the first 3-5 days, all I am experiencing is flu-like symptoms. They suck. Energy comes and goes, I'm sneezing all the time, runny nose, headaches, minimal bodyaches, gagging, and very nervous like tendancies. All of this I'm going through because of 5-10mgs/day of methadone. Each day is a little better but the side effects are still there.

I could go on but if anyone has any questions I will be happy to help.

I'll leave with this. Will power is key. Drug abuse, I believe, sometimes continues out of fear of what you have to endure to get clean. May God help you.  
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I have been on 60 mg of methadone (maintenance) for about 15 years. To be honest I never considered getting off before, but now I just want to be done with going to the clinic every 4 weeks, paying for it & being under the clinic's control.  I was a heroin addict when I stated but haven't used in all these years. I am only still on the methadone because i am terrified of withdrawal.  What is the best way to start to detox?  How many mg down over how many days?  Is there any natural aides that can be used to help control the withdrawal?  I have no insurance & can not afford to miss work for this, but I do not want to do this for the rest of my life. I turn forty in the fall & really want to be clean by then. Can anyone recommend the best way for me to do this & be successful?
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I just want to offer my support and congratulate you on your clean time.I just hit 11 months clean from methadone about a week ago.I went c/t off of 25 mgs after being on it for almost 2 years.So happy you decided to take your life back.Keep fighting....Peace....Kim
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Have you ever had any aftercare to keep from going back. You said you used it recreationally and although i agree that fear holds a lot of us back there is a lot more to it than that. I hope you are feeling better soon.
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This is a great post and thank you for sharing. I have never taken methadone, but heard a few horror stories on here so any advice you give to those wanting on methadone is helpful. I agree the fear of what we have to endure after is why it`s so hard to stop. Did i read this right and your 14 days off now.
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