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Methadone Withdrawls

Hello, Im new to this forum, Im 29yrs old & have been a opiate addict since I was ablout 18, I grew up when the oxycontin epidemic was a pretty new thing in the mid to late ninties. When I turned 21 I started on a methadone maintenance program, for the first couple yrs I was on 90mgs of methadone, now Im on 70mgs of it, I dont know if MMT patients are welcome here but Ive been reading some of the posts here in this community & I can relate.There have been times when I have had to do without my methadone {mostly due to the fact that its a 2 hour drive from here & Im not in the best situation as far as transportation goes} the most Ive ever went without my dose is 2 days, & believe me theres nothing as bad as withdrawls from this stuff, even after just 1 day, actually within hours I start to go in withdrawl if I dont dose on schedual, I used to not be able to tell if I went several hrs past my regular dosing time, but thats not the case anymore. Anyway I wont be able to dose until saturday & my last dose was yesterday morning, I know what Im in for, & knowing that Ill be able to dose saturday does help a little, but Im still in for one hell of a ride, I would be more than thankful for any support that I could get. Thanks..
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you will recive tons of support ere at mh there are so many wonderful people who would love to hlp and support you methadone we get here in scotland for heroin w/d but i have never used meth but was a 14 year heroin addict we have been clean for 74 days me and my wife we are 44 and 43 we came of c/t hard for the first 10 days but we done it with a lot of help at mh you are uite young and if you want to get clean it can be done with willpower,strengh,couage and lots of help and advice at mh good luck my freind
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You are very welcome here and I had some of the same problems with transportation to the clinic. I hitched, took a bus, called friends begged etc. and also like you missed some doses. I still have nightmares years later about trying to get to the clinic on saturday or standing in the methadone line and I've been "done free" for over 6 years after many clinic stints. You will be going 3 days between doses and I've done that many times . That's about the limit before you start to feel really bad but you should just make it under the wire. Do you want to get off the merry go round? your still young and it's easier.
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Thank you for responding, & congrats on being clean! You said you were from Scotland, that reminded me of the movie trainspotting haha..
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Hello,  I sure dont feel young I've been on methadone for 8yrs now & my health is pretty poor & has been for awhile now. As for getting off of it, yes I do but I am still not ready, the mental part is the worst part of the withdrawl for me I have all sorts of horrible thoughts, constant crying ect. but then again the damn physical part it horrific too..I dont know 8yrs is along time to be on methadone & I know that but Im just not ready yet..Even though I wish I didnt have to take it..I just dont know :(
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well I know what its like.......... methadone was originally developed by nazi scientist as a wonderall analgesic "pain killer". whats interesting and attractive about it,is the fact it does not harm the bodies organs,they say. the problem is it extremely addicting and has notorious WD's. Even the radical writer Hunter S. Thompson, stated the wd's off methadone were just as bad as heroin.all replacement opioids do have bad wd's over long usage,including suboxone.

I originally started taking it after developing a major norco habit. then I started mixing them. it was a mistake, and I glad to say I have managed to shake it off, albeit I felt lingering wd's for 6-8 weeks. but the worse wd's were the first two weeks.  its almost imperative to taper off methadone, or you will have a real rough ride down hill.

the good news for you grunge is, it usually takes 3 days for the 'done wd's to kick in full, because of the 3 times longer effectiveness of the 'done. but sooner or later your going to have to shake that monkey off your back. everyone does sooner or later, even hunter did. best to start tapering down and then get off it. thats all there is too it.

good job stilltrying, were about the same time being opiate/opioid free. I bet you had fun,eh?
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yes it was real fun lol but im glad i went c/t or id probibly be dead by now congrats on your cleantime my life has changed so much all for the better as you will also no but we all grow up and need this change its all for a better way of life or should i say for our lives
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welcome to the forum, i kicked methadone a while ago, ct off 240 a day
try na, methadone clinics are prisons
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I think there is some value and recovery in MMT but not that much. Once people get "stuck" on it , they are in a holding pattern. The clinics tell you you need to stay on it and often won't help you get off. They especially won't help you  after you get off except to beckon you back for more of the same. These days we have vicodin addicts who are now hooked for life on methadone and that's a real shame. Too many people are on methadone who never should have been let on and the clinic system is broken and has turned into a monster. I feel bad for addicts who never have been criminally inclined  because they have to walk the guantlet everyday through Ali Baba and the 40 thieves. I'll get off my soapbox now. I used to be one of those clinic people.
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If I was you I would really start thinking about tapering yourself off. I know from expeirence this stuff just like all drugs are deadly.I am a addict and I will tell you I am only 4 days clean but those 4 days I have won my battle and I am so proud and it keeps getting better every day.I didn't want to die I was up to almost 30 pills a day.And I started to think this time last year I was looking into my 30 year old cousins casket because he overdosed on methodone and perocets.I believe in you.You CAN do it!!
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Methadone is a narcotic...holy cow!  whay would u not be welcome here...like im an oxy user so i am better!  LOL..sweetie u r on a narcotic/a maintenence narcotic like sub///no diff in reality///we have tons of subbers here

in reality methadone has a long half life so it will hit u more so in 2-3 days vs a short acting narcotic like hydro...main reason hydro is so abused as it has a short half life/a fast peak/and boom it is gone..methadone is more steady...but the half life can draw out the wds from the drug..it can be up to a month with each day better and better as sub does the same///long wd period due to the long half life

So u have a Dr helping u taper??? there r drugs that are safe and they can also help u at the end of this..tapering slowly is the best way to go if u can..there is a great article in the health pages on methadone...keep posting
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