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Methadone accelerated detox


Looking at what's out there to detox off of methadone...looked at the rapid detox in Detroit by clarity which is done in 3/4 not too convinced of this method....I have found a treatment done by the Coleman institute (Accelerated detox) which ease u into detox slowly, takes about 8-10 days....does anyone have any info about this method by the Coleman institute.

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Hi and welcome.....I'm fairly new to this site but it's been the only thing getting me through the days and nights right now.  I too checked into the rapid detox in detroit.  I had actually set up a date in April and my accompaniment backed out at the last minute. I'm not exactly sure about it either but I'm unsure of the c/t detox too.  I mentioned RD earlier and have not met anyone who has undergone this treatment.  Nor have I heard of the Coleman Institute.  Do they taper you off first....Is that what you mean by ease you into it?
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It's pretty late so there doesn't seem to be alot of people on the site right now, but there is alot of great advice here and support.  The impression i'v been getting is that we've danced with the devil and now its time to pay our dues.  I guess I get that but with the money I spent each month right now with my habit it would only take a couple of months of quitting to pay for the treatment. It sure is tempting. Do. u have support from home and family?  best of luck to you and God Bless
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Thanks for responding.....looking for my son into what is the best center to detox off of methadone and have come across the Coleman institute what they do is start you on sedatives and add naltrexone slowly into the cocktail to make the detoxing more comfortable and based on his dose they do this for approximately 8 days and on the last day they hook u up to an IV which gives u the big dose of naltrexone which finishes flushing out the opiates.and they put a naltrexone implant in you which lasts approx 2 months and u should be going back every 2 months to put in a new implant.  The diff from the Detroit one where they put u to sleep and pump ur body with a large dose of naltrexone and ur body goes straight into full detox and when u wake up u r still in withdrawal and so they sedate u for the next few days.....I have been told this method does work but it has it's risks that's why we r looking for anyone who has gone through the Coleman method...but so far no info

Did u finally go through the rapid detox in Detroit....do u know anyone that has
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How much methadone and for how long was he using it.? What did he use for how long before that. I used Subutex to rapid detox from 160mgs, I tapered to that from a 200-250mg a day habit. After treatment, I had months of Post Accute Withdrawal. Honestly, a slow deliberate taper would have been better. I was sick for 3 months and it took about 10 months to feel good. Methadone is synthetic heroin that stores in fat and bone, it takes time to flush it out. We may be able to help more with the above questions answered. I'm glad your son is getting off it, methadone almost killed me and definitely ruined my life.
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He's at 65ml of methadone for the past 13 years....rehab put him on it to get him off heroin 13 yrs ago ....tried going down by himself but did not succeed he does not want to go from methadone to suboxone....where did u do ur rapid detox... Was it in Detroit under anathesia
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