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Methadone detox - How long do Cold Chills last?


I am on day 3 clean of methadone. I did a somewhat slow taper from 65 mg to 1 mg. I have had cold chills since I was at 5 mg ( 2 weeks - I think ) - does anyone know how long the chills last? I consider myself lucky so far - cold chills & RSL last night. But can't wait to be warm again...I have clonodin which helps tons & took melatonin last night to help sleep. Does anyone know typically how long chills last?
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Thank you for responding.... I am actually comfortable right now. Thank God!
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kim715 can help more....i do know the cold sweats at night from any drug lasts a long time...pops up from time to time...i looked into estrogen replacement and has helped..u r probably a male or 20-lol...but tis something to look into...sumpin about wd and menopause exacerbates each other/or even if u r not in menopause cos i am not/on depo provera/..i had the sweats worse when i was using than after i quit..the 3-4 day patches/estrogen have virtually eliminated it...i wondered and researched narcotics and hormones and there is an effect noted
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I went c/t off of 25 mgs of methadone and the cold chills lasted about a month for me,as well as the sweats.It might be a little less for you because you tapered.Just hang in there it will pass.Congrats on what is now day 4 for you,thats terrific....Peace...Kim
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Day 4 = things are definatley looking up! I am afraid that I might be starting peri=menopaue, so it has been terrible at night. Last night wasn't as bad. I only had to change my clothes 3 times instead of like 10 when I was in my cycle last week. I body temperature actually feels normal this morning instead of freezing... first time in a few of weeks.
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Last month I did buy some EstroNatural from Walgreens... I haven't taken any of it yet, but I guess it can't hurt. I wasn't sure if I should or not.
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I'm glad to hear things are looking up for you..I'm going to get some of that EstroNatural myself.I think I'm starting peri-menopause also.Let me know if you find anything else that helps with that too.I'll do the same...Peace...Kim
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I will be sure to let you know how it works out. Do you mind if I add you to my friends?
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Just sent you a friend invite...Gotta go wake the grandbaby...show her all the snow we got last night and all the candy 'St.Nick" left her....Also the shirt that says "Who needs Santa,when I got grandma"....LOL  TTYL.....Kim
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I have posted this everytime I see this question.  Get some brewers yeast.  You can get it from the natural food store. $15/can.  Mix 2tsp with juice. Morning and evening.
It will help with the sweats and chills.  I to was waking up so wet that I would also have to change the sheets and cloths. For me that is one  of the worst parts of the whole w/d. I wonder if I smell as bad as I feel, sweating, then freezing.  Coat on, coat off.I also find If I put a terry cloth towel  on the pillow, it helps to soak up the wetness, and  you may sleep on through.  The yeast worked first time I drank it.  Took about 15 minutes to kick in.  Helps women in menopause.  I found it also helped me with other w/d issues as well.
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thank you!
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