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Methadone detox

I've been on 10-20mg (mostly 10mg) of methadone a day for 7 months from a injury. I decided to try to kick it on 1/6. I didn't get a whole lot of physical symptoms except horrid rls. Most of my issues have been mental such as depression and unable to enjoy activities I use too (such as games). I slipped and took 1 10mg pill today and I'm now like an idiot worried that I just started the whole 6 days over again.
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Hi  well your not going to start it over.....methadone is a monster to detox from  your dose has been low and you wernt on it that long  the real hard part is not so much the intecaty of the withdrawal but the length of recovery till you beat the ''energy crash''  get back to normal sleep and feel lie doing things again  with all narcotics these things are problematic but it like it is on steroids with methadone  get up to walmart and pick up a can of whey protein shake mix....this has the raw protein for energy and a boat load of amino acids to heal your brain  it is only 17 bucks for a 2lb can  just one scoop to a glass of milk  drink 2 a day   this drug is very cyclic so it will come and go  but recovery is possible  if you have question  please feel free to ask or message me  just know it will get better but it takes time
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Thanks for the reply gnarly I'm glad to know atleast i wont be starting completely over. Since I started the detox I've been taking L-tyrosine , a multivitamin , vitamin C and b-12 with b complex. I'll make sure to get the whey protein today. The RLS is just so bad when i try to sleep If i could get my legs to stop I doubt this would be that hard to deal with. Originally I was on  Tramadol two years ago then percs and now the methadone for the last 7 months, its just felt like one long nightmare since i got hurt. Someone whose only taken methadone as long as me would you have any idea what kind of recovery time im looking at of the mental symptoms? (no energy, no enjoyment) thank you
Hello and please dont get discouraged. Gnarly is loaded with great info. I was also on methadone for many years(10) at a much higher dose(110). The restless leg and lack of sleep was the worst for me. Please remember this will pass and with each day your joy will come back. Hang on and never look back one slip can cause another and another. So glad you stopped at one slip. If you need to talk we are all here for you. PS Hi Gnarly;) been almost 16 months but I remember the pain like it was yesterday.. Thanks my friend for pulling me through my dark times. God Bless you both<3
Hello and please dont get discouraged. Gnarly is loaded with great info. I was also on methadone for many years(10) at a much higher dose(110). The restless leg and lack of sleep was the worst for me. Please remember this will pass and with each day your joy will come back. Hang on and never look back one slip can cause another and another. So glad you stopped at one slip. If you need to talk we are all here for you. PS Hi Gnarly;) been almost 16 months but I remember the pain like it was yesterday.. Thanks my friend for pulling me through my dark times. God Bless you both<3
Hi turnthecorne I appreciate the support I feel alot better then when I first started coming off the methadone so it seems like im getting there I still get insomnia but  the RLS seems to have subsided a bit. The depression / loss of joy is whats been bothering me the most, which could also be factored in by some life changes that happened recently. Had to move out of a town I lived in for 15 years cause of how expensive it was and the same day I took my last dose on Jan 6 my fiancee had to go help take care of her father for two months so I'm probably just feeling really lonley
Your joy will come back. I am sorry you are feeling this way. I went through many changes and emotions as well but this will pass.  The thing that helped me was running, walking,listening to music and Most of all prayer. The road is long but your just about to reach the point where everything will open up. The RlS was my worst symptom by far so I lived in hot baths and ate bananas ( by the way I hate bananas)  tried everything to ease it but nothing stopped it.
I can tell you RLS will soon be a thing of the past with an occasional symptom.
Here I am almost 16 months later. The journey was the hardest thing mentally and physically I've ever done but I kept listening to people who have been through it and told myself no matter what I will never look back. Your an amazing person all those emotions and feelings are normal. We tend to lose those while on methadone so when we stop its a flood of every emotion lost coming back! Congrats on doing it and remember so many people are here to help you along your way!  

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Hi...first off try a hot soak in epsom salts  the magnesium seaps into your system and helps the restless legs  they also make a homeopathic med called highlands restful legs  you can get it at walgreens it is like 4 bucks  as for a time line you should start to feel better in a month then much better as time goes by  I would also check into the N/A program it will help you make this your last detox  this is a progressive disease that only gets worst with time    those that use aftercare are a lot less likely to do this again and again keep posting for support.........Gnarly
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Thanks for the response gnarly I'll have to pick that up tomorrow because everythings closed already. I appreciate the advice, a month seems like a while when you feel like this but I know others have it alot worse when detoxing, Just have to go one day at at a time
The doc that is giving you the Methadone... does he/she know that you are feeling this way? Are you still in pain? From the injury I mean. And I'm assuming you are on the Dolophine...
If your doctor doesn't know, about the addictive part you are experiencing, maybe, if you have someone to do so, you should have them hold onto the pills and treat this more like a "maintenance" medical detox. Take less and less each day. I know it is harder since it isn't liquid. But you could get the pill cutters from Walgreens/CVS etc. And it will cut into fourths if you get the "right" one. And make sure someone that you trust to not give in to your desire to take more, is in control of your meds. Out of your "reach", both mentally and physically. If you are still in pain, that is a hard one.  Maybe 800mg IBUPROFEN, (helps more than people realize)... muscle relaxers for your legs? Or a low dose of klonopine if your doctor thinks it is a good idea. (If you have or decide to discuss your situation with him/her, that is...)
I'm on 10mg's Valium for panic attacks PRN (up to 3 times a day) and 72 mgs of Methadone daily... I was a Heroin addict and have been on MMT for 12 years. So I'm on a stable dose for ME,  but since your dose is so "low",  I say that, but for a lot of people 10mgs is a lot... when you are mixing to get  high...
but since you would be trying to ween off of the Methadone, it wouldn't be like mixing the two meds. AGAIN... I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL. This is just an opinion based on 20 years of addiction. But I think that Klonopin or valium... (I do NOT recommend Xanax though)...  would help with the Restless legs, (and that feeling of wanting to punch them... and actively doing so on occasion in my case...) it would also help with the anxiety and mental aspect of the withdrawal. I know that there is a lot of ignorance surrounding Methadone, AND ADDICTION IN GENERAL...  especially when it comes to addiction and methadone Maintenance (that I am on). So if you don't like my suggestions, I DO UNDERSTAND and RESPECT YOUR OPINION on the matter. It is YOUR DECISION to make. =) Just wanted to TRY to give you something else to think about. I do think that you are on such a low dose, if you haven't been on other opiate based pain killers for a good chunk of your life, that you can/will have a (relatively) mild battle and win this war you have going on with your mind and  your body.  One month of pain and sleeplessness (helped by klonopin or something hopefully, while you are dealing with the hardest part) beats a lifetime of uncertainty and  addiction that will never cease. You can do it. It is hard right now, but it WILL get easier. I just wish I would have had the courage and foresight to do so back when.  To be honest, I have only detoxed off of (115 mgs) methadone once, so I've tried. I was just too far gone... maybe I was just too weak. Idk. But I have all the faith that you will beat it. Please let us know your progression with your situation and how things are going.
Best Wishes... Truly,
<3 LitlMomma
BTW if you don't mind... what kind of injury and your pain level from then to now?
Also... to anyone that thinks that I am advocating for Methadone Maintenance for the average person, I'm NOT. It's a personal decision. It's NOT right for everyone. IT WAS THE RIGHT DECISION IN MY CASE as I DID try other avenues. I've been on the program for almost 13 years and it's the best decision I have made... but I was a Heroin addict and an all around "Mess". I don't recommend for a situation such as this or for it to be taken lightly. Thank you for letting me say that.
Again... let us know...
<3 LitlMomma
I appreciate all the input I havent felt as bad as when i first came off on jan 6 compared to when i took the 10mg pill after the 6 days. At the moment it seems to mostly just be insomnia and lack of joy / depression
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YOU are doing great! Your doing all the right things and that is good. Just know that these type of meds change the chemical makeup of the brain. This is the Mental part that does take more time after the physical. It will take time for these Brain Chems to adjust back, meanwhile we do experience the Low-No Motivation and Energy crash. Also a bit of Depression along the way. Just hang tight and soon this all will balance out. We are here for you all the way. Support is a good one at this time. Maybe look into some kind of aftercare. Keep Pushing!
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hey gnarly just wanted to post in to give you a small update. yesterday was horrid and so was the night my insomnia was through the rough was up for 2 days. Was given a benzo and fell asleep and woke up feeling the best I've probly felt in a week. I'm hoping it continues this way and not just one single good day but if it is im glad im atleast having it. I'm so happy to feel like this it makes me want to cry in happyness because I haven't felt this normal in what feels like a long time. I know I still got a way to go but so far im on day day 10 and that seems to be where alot of people on my dose and length of time start to feel like themselves again. I hope thats the case for me!
Hi again
I've read many posts and many people have great advise! I wouldn't recommend anything other than vitamin supplements or natural helpers. If you take suboxone this far into the worst detox a person can go through I only feel it would be a setback. Please hang in there and remember your almost through the darkest.
Many thoughts and prayers your way.
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thanks for the words of support vic I just had a small question my doctor talked about a quick taper on a low dose of suboxone like 1.5mg to start. Would this be a good or bad idea to help me with the mental part and insomnia one of my friends said they did it and it did wonders for them at the mental stage but they said not to stay on it too long.
I've read your initial post and the comments and I have been on Suboxone for 2 years straight in March.  I've been on and off it for 8 years total.  It's a nightmare to come off, worse than any other opiate in my opinion.  I've never done a quick taper but suboxone has a ridiculously long half-life so even if it's a low dose for a short time, you could have some mild withdrawals.  Definitely do not stay on it too long!  I'm going to be tapering soon and it's gonna be awful but I know I gotta do it!  How long is the "quick" taper?  1-2 weeks?  I feel you on the depression and lack of enjoyment in activities.  I have the same feelings.  There's actually a term for that, anhedonia.  Pretty much the opposite of hedonism.  I hope you get some more responses about the quick taper because I don't know too much about myself but I do know suboxone is horrible to come off of.  I'm glad you caught your relapse and came to ask questions!  That's amazing.  As someone else mentioned, benzodiazepines can be good for restless legs but they are also addictive. I agree w/ LitlMomma-don't take Xanax, it's so short-acting you'll wake up a 1/2 hour later!!  Klonopin might be good for short term use for RLS.  Good luck and keep us posted!
Thanks for the response lostinmt I've been using hylands restless legs and it seems to work pretty well i also picked up a bottle of their PM cramps for rls and its doing the trick
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Hi...well your getting threw it  methadone is very cylic and just when you think you got it beat it comes back with a vengence  just no as time goes by it will get better....try some ''traditional medicals nighty night tea''  you can get it at walmart  seap 2 bags for 20 min  then add honey for flavor  in 1/2 hour you will be ready for sleep keep posting for support.....................Gnarly...........................
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Of course!  Oh good, I've never tried those but a lot of people bought them when I used to work at Walgreens.  I'm glad you've found something natural to help with the RLS.  That's one of the worst symptoms IMO.  I used to get restless arms too...ha
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try clonidine if your doc will give and you cant handle the cold turkey. I used 10 years ago and am using it again to detox methadone. It has some bad side effects (lethargy, no motivation, dry mouth), but the upside is it REALLY helps rls, hypertension, sleeplessness and best of all isn't a narcotic or a benzo. Not promoting another drug to come off one but just from experience it helps. Good luck!
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hey dud how you doing  please post to give us a update
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hey gnarly sorry for not posting i ended up going on a small dose of suboxone for bout 2-3 weeks I've been off it for about a week now. I didnt get the extreme depersonalization i felt when coming off methadone my major issue is just my energy and lack of sleep. I'm always tired if i could get my energy back I'd be 100%
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