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Methadone detox

I've been tapering off methadone for 3 years now. Was at 93 now at 11. My body feels like I am ready to make the drop off. I feel physically and mentally ready. I've done this the right way so far and very slow, (1 mg bi weekly). However I have a job that doesn't know and I can't miss work. I really would like positive reviews and positive help on how I can make this work! Not how it will not.. Pleas help guys :)
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Hold tight....Gnarly will see this im sure and will be able to answer you. Im not well versed on methadone but can you get lower than 11mg?
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Keep doing what your doing 1mg a week it's obviously working for you. That's still a significant drop
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Hi.....well you have done the taper the right way I tapered all the way down to 1 but dont recamed this  tapering below 5 is miserable so any time your in the single digests is a good time to jump  get up to walmart and pick up a 3 in 1 vitamin calcium/magesum/zinc  take 4 with breakfast and 4 with dinner this will really help with the withdrawals  there is no completely comfortable way to do this but the withdrawal can be managed  my issues where not so much the severity of the withdrawal but the long recovery time you get hit with a ''energy crash'' and the inability to sleep...just know there is life after methadone and it is so so worth it keep posting for support we will walk you threw the whole process............Gnarly
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Gnarly.. I just started taking calm support does that have those nutrients in it? I also am drinking some protein shakes. Well am starting literally right now. The only thing that is driving me insane is I want to smoke. But when I smoke cigarettes and I haven't taken my methadone they taste disgusting. Is this normal? Ugh
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I didn't smoke until my addiction started so not sure if that plays a part.
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Hi and Welcome to our Community!
I did not start smoking either or a lot until I got hooked on the Methadone.  I was snorting it with illegal Adderral to get that Big Buzz going. (Dumb!)..I got down to around 30mg and jumped off of 3 meds at once. I would NOT recommend anybody to jump like that, however many of us could not taper either. It sounds like you are doing a great taper. Your Brain & Body has to adjust to each drop. Got mine prescribed for pain when the other opiates did not work..Ya, right, that was just my excuse.

The thing is to build up a great immune system to help you rid these toxins. Some vit/min like, Calcium, Potsium, D3 will help with the sleep and anxiousness, as these will help calm the muscles and nervous system down a bit. The Protien and Amino acids (all those L-s) will help with the Brain too. Go out a look at all the products like Emergen-c or Airborne. They have some to help boost the immune system, too ones that have vit/min to help your electrolytes. These are SO much cheaper then all of the natural ones I bought yrs ago. They work fine. You will want to drink tons of fluids and these vit/min you add to water. Pick up some Epsom salt that has Lavender in it too. The lavender will help relax you and the magnesium in the salt will help draw out more toxins and relax you.
The detox is the easy part..(yes it is uncomfortable) but working on staying clean is what takes the cake. Recovery is a every day chore and we have to change lots of behaviors along the way. WELL..I can go on & on, but I sure will follow you and see how things are going. Plz keep us updated and jump in and help others on here along the way. Just know that these type of meds change the Body and the Chemical makeup of the Brain. It is the Brain Chemistry that will take time to balance out. This part is not physical, but it can be hard to figure out things that you might be feeling in your head along the way. Just be Safe and be Good! Wishing you all the best.

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