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Methadone detox

I've been on methadone for 1 year. I am currently on 2mg which means 4 more days of the clinic. I am experiencing withdrawal like symptoms and I'm afraid of how bad they will be when I'm off the methadone.  I must go to work, and I'm terrified I'm goinh to fail at maintaining my lifestyle and work ethic that I've gained during my sobriety.I'm also just afraid to no longer have the benefits of the clinic to help me if I need it, for counseling etc. It's scary thinking of doing it alone.does the anxiety stop and the excessive worrying and sadness ease any time soon?
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I wish someone would respond.  Tomorrow is my last dose as I am going down to 1mg tomorrow. I'm just so anxious. I have 9 months clean (only methadone in my system) and habe followed the program completely.  Now im goimg to be on my own and am scared about cravings etc without the methadone in my system
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Hi Rach and welcome to the forum~
I'm sorry no one has answered you yet.  We have two community leaders in this forum who BOTH successfully got off methadone.  They'll comment before too long.
I don't have methadone experience, but an opiate is an opiate in some ways.  I congratulate you on getting off the methadone!!!  Huge commitment and I can understand why you are feeling some fear.
Methadone has a long half life but you have only been on it 9 months and you will be down to 1 mg tomorrow which a good place to jump off.
A Calcium/Mag/Zinc supplement will help you a lot!  4 in the morning and 4 at night.  Hot showers or hot Epsom salt baths will also help pull out toxins and also help your body to absorb the magnesium in the salts which helps A LOT.
Feeding your brain protein and amino acids will help too.  Gnarly always suggests this whey protein he buys at Walmart in chocolate.
I took Emergen-C every single day.  They are packets that are filled with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants your body needs (as well as electrolytes).  The fact that they are liquid means your body uses them better (quicker)
As far as not having the support of the program at your clinic, there are many types of aftercare you can participate in now that you are done at the clinic.  There are 12 step programs like NA and AA; Addiction therapist; CBT small groups; Smart Recovery; Many churches have Celebrate Recovery for people with all types of addictions.  You will find what feels right for you.  Let us know how you are doing.  More people will be along to share and support you.  Congrats to you again!!!  This is a BIG DEAL in your life and you are going to be FREE!  It feels SO GOOD, I promise~
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Thank you SO much for the post. Very helpful and it's so nice to hear from someone with understanding and advise. My clinic saved my life, but regarding aftercare and preparing for after methadone they haven't been very helpful.  Thanks again for taking the time to write me.
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Well I'm off to bed. Last day at the clinic tomorrow. I'm so grateful to my clinic and councelor..but the real work begins now. I have high hopes for myself but needless to say I'm nervous for what the future may hold.
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hey Rach welcome to the forum  im glad you found your way here and a big congrats getting down to 2 mg your doing great....first off try not to let fear into the equasin  it is always worst in our minds then it turns out to be  methadone seaps into the bones and fatty tishues and slowly leaches out  the phyical detox last 10 days to 2 weeks I came off a 7yr habit at 150mg your lucky to only have been on it a year  the biggest problems for me where the inability to sleep and the ''energy crash'' it is not so much the severity of the detox that makes this drug so hard  but the length of time to recover....we use a formula that will help you know aprox how hard it will be  it is how long you used  I used pills for 10 yrs then the methadone for 7 more so a long friggin time  the dose your on  I was on 150mg a high dose  then your age  I was 47 when I detoxed  so the cards where stacked agenst me  just know every thing you go threw to get off it will be worth it  let us know how old you are and what was your highest dose  if you have questions where here to hlep  I have helped a lot of people off this drug and will be happy to help you  there is life after methadone  keep posting for support where here for you.......Gnarly
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I have two posts... (rookie mistake )and the other details my history. It's title "last day of methadone t morrow very anxious"
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And thanks for the support gnarly
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Well I slept last night and just took my last dose. I feel like I have a bad cold/flu. Headache, sticky skin, aches and pains.I have to go into work today for a few hours for a meeting. My lord, that alone is going to give me a panic attack. Wish me luck :-)
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Hi rach....well try not to be afraid  I to took it all the way down to 1 b/4 I jumped....it takes around 3 days to feel the withdrawal  methadone has a 36hhour  1/2 life   it was great you got some sleep last night I started having problem from 5mg down...just hang in there your going to be fine...get up to walmart and pick up a 3 in one vitamin  calcium magnesium and zinc  it is only 6 bucks  take 4 with breakfast and 4 with dinner  in a few days this will help cut back on the withdrawal your going to feel....methadone robs your body of these minerals and it makes the withdraw much worst...the ''energy crash'' can be debilitating for that I recamend whey protein shakes you can get a  2lb can for 18 bucks at walmart the chocolate flavor is good just one scoop to a glass of milk  drink 2 or 3 a day it also has a boat load of amino acids in it to help heal your brain  let us know how you are and what your feeling we have a lot of home cures for symptoms  keep posting for support..
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I thought I would come in this post since I went in your other one.

All the things that are mentioned by gnarly, were mentioned in the other post as well. I agree with picking up all those vit/min, protein powder, lemons for lemon water, complex amino-acids, etc. You can find packet vit/min powder to add to water to. Getting some Electrolyte mix and some great Antioxidants are good too. Anything that will boost the immune system. I like my vit/min to be more on the natural side, but these other ones will help too.

You might experience some bone aches, at least I did real bad with the anxiety on the moon, however my anxiety that high was mostly due to the benzo I took. All 3 meds that made me go up, down and all around plaved havoc on my nervous system when I c/t them all. Should of tapered and tapered the benzo last. Wish I would have found this site yrs ago, because I had learned so much from this site. The Brain thing I picked up before I got on here. For the Body or Bone aches, I found that laying in the Sun helped along with my Heating Blanket.

Try NOT to be so nervous about this. YOU kicked some other hard core drugs, so YOU can do this again. I really think your w/ds will not be so bad at all. You did the Dones for a short time & tapered. Gnarly & I did these for yrs & yrs, so it was a bit intense.

I have HOPE so that means I have FAITH in you. Just stick with the Aftercare. We have a Disease and we have to have that Support to help us on staying clean. My Church & Study is just another step I took to stay on the right track. Still hit those meetings and other types of Support.
We Care and will be here for YOU all the way. Stick around & help others, as this is good therapy as well.
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Vickie and gnarly thank you SO much. I will go to walmart tonight , or in the morning more likely. My head is killing me. More Tylenol for me! I have a very positive day (mentally) and I'm ready to take this on. I have been preparing myself for months to do this but sheesh the reality of it all is still scary. Thanks again...I'll keep posting my progress
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Hi Rach...well cudos to you for having a positive day ...I was scard
shi tless....the best thing you can bring to the table to help is a positive attitude....it makes the difference between being uncomfortable and suffering....suffering is a choice... I have said this a million times here on the forum  ''but you just got to be ok without being ok for a wile''  this should be your mantra for the next few days....methadone is very cyclic and the withdrawal symptoms come in waves....your ok for a wile then BAM it hits you...your just going to have to accept it for what it is...it wont kill you...wile your at walmart they have 2 things that will help with sleep one is a product called alteril it is a all natural sleep aid it is 16 bucks for a pack of 60  ...another thing I have found over the years is a really good tea it is by traditional madicials called sleepy time....like alteril it has several kind of herbs to help with sleep  just seap 2 tea bags for 20 min  then add some honey for flavor  if money is tight get the tea first it is around 5 bucks at walmart  but you have to look for it sometimes it is in with the tea's other times it in with the vitamins and supplements  im bipolar so sleep is still a ishue for me and  the tea really works good....most people dont sleep wile doing this so rent a bunch of movie's to keep you bizzy at night..also you may want to pick up some ez meals your not going to want to cook  your going to need to stay hydrate most people have diarea for the first 2 weeks  a case of gatoraid will help   also there is a very good medication for this it is imodium  walmart has a generic for 6 bucks pick some up from here a lot of this is going to be up to you...if you belive in God prayer works....rather then praying for God to stop the withdrawal I found praying for strength to go threw it was more helpful   when it is 3 am and your up shaking God is all you got... for me I lived on the forum and was blessed to have a couple of people that where there for me post and post some more your not in this alone  im in phoenix arizona and when it is late  it is real late for the rest of the county ....if your up I check up on the forum late night just hang in there together we can get you threw this....may God be with you
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Rach check your e/mail I sent you something.......
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Gnarly you are a special person. Thank you for being there for me. This transition from daily clinic visits and counselors to being on my own was an issue for me and you and the others here have given me the confidence and comfort to know I am not alone and I can do this. I've gotten this far I surely won't give up now. I'm in Virginia btw.
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Hi Rach.....well I hope you dont read this untill tomorrow morning but I know all to well how this goes...so if it is 3 am and you cant sleep your body hurts every where let this encourage you to stick with it  this is the beginning of a new life and a end to the old one from here on your drug free....your still young that is going to help your recovery out a lot  so the next few days will be trying but most thing good in life are your going to get threw this and come out with flying colors you have your whole life ahead of you new job opportunity's  mabe a family the sky is the limit you will find that life in recovery is amazing once your up to it hit the meetings  N/A has givin me my life back and showed me a new way to live  we look forward to sharing it with you............Gnarly
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Hi , Rach , congrats on taking the first step to getting your life back, these guys and gals here are such a big help , listen to all their advice, I also recently came off of methadone, and just wanted to chime in and say , stay strong, just remember anything that you think or feel , wont last forever, It will change, it will get better. God Speed.
I joined just to comment to you. First of all Congrats! 2nd of all, What is your hurry?
I've been on methadone since '97. I never wanted to be on it fer life but the alternative is too gross and horrible to think about even though I dream about shooting up. I'm a teacher and have a house  and husband and a wonderful life. But I would lose all that without daily methadone. I was on 120mgs and I'm down to 30. It took me 10 years to get down to this amount. Stay on it and come off nice and slow. You are speeding into a brick wall cuz humans can't handle de-tox and you know what you will do. Think carefully. Stay on it if possible at least till you come off it without any symptoms. Good luck.
What do you mean humans cant handle de-tox, i have done it, i came off of 7.5 mgs and didnt have a bad time at all . I also thought id loose all i had if i came off, but the fact is i was losing everyday i stayed on, I not tied to a daily drug , i now live life on my terms. It was probly the 2nd best choice i ever made in my life, 1st being a father to my wonderful daughter.
Dont let others discourage you from reaching your goals.
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It is so much nicer to have a Real thinking Brain then a Pill thinking Brain.

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Thank you SO much for addressing that comment.  Humans CAN handle detox.  You did and I can think of many of my MH friends that have successfully gotten off methadone.  For some reason, people think that if they are on methadone or suboxone that they are clean.  And truth is, those are two of the STRONGEST semi synthetic/synthetic opioids ever made!
Congrats on your clean time, Soulscapex!!!!
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Oh and Rach....didn't mean to hijack your thread!
You are going to do just great if you post a lot and listen to those that have successfully gone before you.  Hang with the winners!
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Hi Rach...how are you doing today???  please post and let us know
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I am so happy to have read all of your posts on here for rach.  I took my last 1mg dose at my clinic 6 days ago.  Tomorrow Saturday at 8am will be exactly 1 week.  It has gone well but yesterday and today I have been an emotional mess and I stopped sleeping the last 2 days and my back feels like it's broken with pain.  It's not nearly as bad as I expected.  I'm gonna post my story on a new thread.  Would like some input If you have time.  Thanks!
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Hey Rach...how your doing???  please post to let us know...Im praying for you
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Day 74, All is well, Havent felt this alive for years, ive replaced alot of my life style with healthy habits, There is always hope for those wishing to jump the train. My therapist is very impressed with my improvement from the first day i walked in with anxiety and panic attacks, and on methadone , Today i can say im Clean and sober, havent had a panic attack or any anxiety in awhile, i filled my free time with working out , and listening to music, something i havent done in along time.  God Bless All
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