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Methadone for pain vs heroin addiction

I broke my back 20 years ago and was started on pain cocktail, which is 4 big bottles of sticky liquid.  Difficult to take with you anywhere.  So my doctor put me on 80 mg of Methadone a day.  I dropped to six, then 4, then 2, now I'm on 1 10mg pill a day + gabapentin.  I never one had any kind of withdrawals.  I don't think Methadone is an evil drug.  I think the Methadone CLINICS are whats evil.  They prescribe huge doses, much more than when the patient started  Liquid handcuffs indeed.  It's a strange thing, when you take it for pain there a no withdrawals.  My doctor said it is a peculiar thing but its true.  Methadone, if prescribed properly is a wonderful drug for those who are heroin addicts.  They are able to work and can have productive lives, its much better than them continuing heroin and staling and lying and selling their firstborn for another hit.  I'd like to see more oversight on the clinics. I think thery're in it for the money, not to help anyone.

Also, I am prescribed Xanax and Klonipin.  Since I've always been fascinated by pharmaceutics I would take 1 xanax, one clonipin, and a done before sleep  I'd be out in minutes.  then someone told me that mix is just like doing heroin and very dangerous,not to take any more.  Good luck peeps/
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I tried REALLY hard to not respond to this thread....i really did....
Buttttt, whats your point? You've been on methadone, gabapertin, xanex and klonopin and b/c you get them from dr all is well? Perhaps you didnt get w/d's b/c you tapered the meds? Pain mgt people are on here all the time WITH w/d??? Anyones body can get physically addicted with length of time taking a certain drug?
I dont agree with the post, but, it is what it is???
Good luck to you....
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Yes this is a Bad Coktail. Yes YOU can have Bad w/ds from detoxing out all of these. I was prescribed Methadone for around 12 yrs and added a street drug to it like adderral. Took a benzo at night to come down. This was by FAR the worst w/d I have ever experienced.

Are you getting any outside support for Addiction?? We can NOT do this alone. Look up Addiction in a more scientific way and you will see what ALL of these meds do to the Brain Chems. It was not until I turned my Life back to my God that I felt the Joy & Happiness of Life free of any Substances and at my age (60) I have been down many roads. Get out why you can!!!!
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no I've never tapered any meds.  I quit Ativan cold turkey with no withdrawals, and it's supposed to extremely addictive.  My POINT, since you missed it, (I realize I was little all over the place,) is that Methadone, if taken for pain, is an extremely effective drug.  It's cheap, It works and after a month or two you don't get that sleepy feeling, more like having a cup of coffee.  If you've never taken it I'll overlook any lack of first-hand knowledge you do or don't have regarding it.  And apparently, if taken for pain and not pleasure, no withdrawals.  one drawback, bad for the teeth, so brush, and take something to increase saliva production.  Oh, and the stigma, everyone assumes you're a heroin addict, which is unfortunate.  I tell people I take Dolophine (the brand name)
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As a matter of fact I've been through inpatient treatment twice, and outpatient three times.  Pretty much a waste of time, (for me) and I think most people who have been will tell you the same.  Oh you look fabulous when you get out, you feel great, and your family is so proud  (I did this on my own, not court ordered)  they didn't tell me anything I did not already know,after treatment support, such as housing, is woefully inadequate (thanks Republicans, well I suppose they have built so many prisons who can count them) but I had researched addiction thoroughly before going.  Bottom line, if you really want to quit, you will.
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I apologize, you did take it for 12 years.  For pain?  How much?  Did it work for you?
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Adderall is not, by definition, a street drug.  Although I'm sure in can be procured there.
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Tis was supposed to e posted to the previous thread, not as a question  Since tis is my first post, please forgive me.  
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I gathered that the point of the message was that if you have legitimate pain....these drugs are ok. That if your a real pain patient, you wont w/d off these meds. Thats what i took from the original post. However, theres such a build up of different meds in your system i would highly doubt you would know your real pain level now anyway?
When you broke your back 20 yrs ago,  did they do any type of surgery to fix it?
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If taken properly yes, they are ok.  I would not trade the last 20 years of being relatively pain-free got 20 years of 24/7 agony just so I could say I wasn't on amy medication.  Would you?  I don't abuse any of these drugs, I have abused benzos in the past, namely Valium, which I was never prescribed, but that was in my my early 20's.  I have bottles of clonipin and Xanax I have never taken, So I'm pretty sure I have a fairly good idea of the pain in my body, so your doubts are highly unwarranted, and you can rest assured that yes, I do feel pain.  If I didn't why would I be taking so much gabapentin?  Because I like swallowing pills?

And yes, after a T12 burst and an L1 Compressions fracture, surgery is generally preformed.  Hardware was put in, screws and rods.  This was in '98.  I saw an x-ray in '01 and the rods looked like broken pencils.  Eventually these were taken out as they got infected, well they didn't, but around them.  I had to learn to walk again (sort go, using different muscles, peoples first reaction is to think I'm drunk.  Since I don't drink this a little offensive)  so yes, they did preform surgery.  It took 12 hours with 2 surgeons.
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The name of the community you have posted in is:  Addiction: Substance Abuse Community.  Here is the purpose of this particular MedHelp community:

About This Community:

This community is a place to share information and support with others who are trying to stop using drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco or other addictive substances. Discuss with others, the symptoms of addiction, addiction recovery, ways to quit like tapering and cold turkey, and withdrawal symptoms. If you are interested in general "chat", please visit our Addiction Social Community."

Because your post doesn't indicate that you want to STOP any of the medications you are on, it is difficult to reply to your posts.  Hence, why you got replies like you did.  You don't indicate that you are addicted or need any kind of support in getting off the drugs you are on.  We have many in our community reaching out for help and support to get OFF the very same drugs you are taking.  And we have members who WERE taking methadone for pain but chose to get off of it....and they DID have withdrawals when they quit taking the methadone.  I've re-read your posts more than once and assume what you wanted us to know is, that for YOU, methadone works well for your pain and the benzos are not a problem for you either.  It is a well documented medical fact that mixing methadone with benzos is a dangerous cocktail.  If you should ever choose to get off the addictive meds, this community is a great place to get tips for withdrawal issues and support thereafter.

Hi....well I to started methadone for pain management at 30mg (10mg3x day)aand it worked well  the pain management place that I went to also did epaderal shots in your spine every 90 days...I got a mri back and it showed i was getting scar tissue from the shots so I told the doctor no more  he then said no shots no methadone  the shots where his cash cow $2800 a shot I was forced to go elsware and the only place that I could find was the methadone clinic I would up staying on it for years at a dose of 150mg....after years of use my sex life ended this was tuff on my marriage and went on for 5yrs  I started having all kinds of side effect ''nodding out'' at the most inaprprete times night sweats and after being on it so long it quick working for pain  I said enough was enough and decided to kick it....the clinic that I went to said I was on to high a dose for to long and told me I would be on methadone mantnece for the rest of my life   IM like no Fing way and decided to try kicking myself....it took me 8 1/2 months to get down to 1mg then I jumped unlike you I experienced withdrawals threw  out my taper going in and out of them... my point being if you want off this drug we can help  I have helped a lot of people off this drug over the last 6yrs as a community leader here on the forum....most people go threw horific withdrawals my self included I was dope sick for 90 days and thought I had screwed up my brain chemistry for life ....well with time and God I have healed  ...if your at 10 and you dident feel the withdraw your doing better then most  just know the last 20mg is where most people struggle...today my pain level is far less then when I was on the methadone  and my back is a mess 2 herniated disks l4/l5 and L5 /s1 and L3 threw L1 are deteriorating   if someone told me I would feel this much better off the meds I would have never believed them but I have come to find out it is true....even at low dosed this is a very powerful drug  just ask anyone that tryed to kick at 10mg....if your ready to get your sex life back and put this behind you we can help  just know it is no cake walk to get off of  but it is so so worth it
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No it isn't like heroin. Your methadon is like heroin but no rewards all on its own. Do you know the rewards go away and then you are just getting well. So that's why you take methadone to stay well. Your cocktail if prescribed by doctor is fine but if it's from street it's just being an addict.
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