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Methadone mix

My mom has been taking methadone for colitis for 23 years .Maine has a new legislative law to taper methadone users ... Moms been taking 320 10mg pills a month ..went from 120mg a day yo 90 mg a day and now 40mg a day and then wants to cut her off completely after this month .. She's not a h user she has a chronic disease/illness ... Its not right to make her go through this crap again and guinea pig her again like that did for 20 yrs straight ....so, today she prescribed her 40mg of methadone a day for 1 week, then 30mg a day for 1 week, then 20mg a day for 1 week, then 10mg a day for one week, then stop .. Is how the doctor wrote it so she's not giving her anymore methadone after this month ..but! She does take 2mg lorazepam 2 or 3 times a day as well , has for years ...along with flexeril and anti depressants and stuff .she was in a horrible CSR accident in 2001 with barely functioning kegs Cuz they both exoded and she had all the bones rebuilt from her knee down ....so anyway ..the new pills prescribed to her today was clonodine and something else that starts with a b for abdomen pain .... Is that a lethal mix with the clonidine ? ( 1mg 3x a day) .. My best friend in college od'd and died from a klonipine methadone mix and probably other stuff with it too ( I'm not sure ) and he died from it in his sleep ....can this mix of pills kill my mother that she just got prescribed ?
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Hi there- it's too bad these situations aren't taken on a case by case basis. She's not on Methadone for addiction!  What will they give her now for pain?  What is the medicine that begins with a "B"?

She's not taking anything she hasn't had before except for the B medicine so it would be nice to know what that is. Clonidine is not klonipin. It's a fairly benign drug used for high BP and for withdrawal symptoms.

Whenever you are concerned about a mix of drugs just call the pharmacist at her drug store and ask a question. They're usually happy to help.
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New meds ^ sorry I put it in the subject box
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Baclofen promethazjne and clonidine are the new ones she's always been on methadone , at I can, flexeril, anti depressants and bentyl
Bentyl and clonidine is a mix of safe medications to help ease opiate withdrawal symptoms.  I have been on methadone for 8.5 years and today is my 12th day without it and my family doctor prescribed me those to meds to ease my withdrawal symptoms.  Still have symptoms but they are a lot more manageable with those meds.  They are 100% safe.
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