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Methadone risks for codeine de-tox

Forgive my missing any relevant posts but I thought I would post this for any responses I get before Monday--the day I am due to go into this detox centre at a hospital in the city. I was told my codeine addiction (300-400mg day for 2 years) would be treated with methadone. I might be in as short as 4-5 days for observation and then just come in for the methadone, or stay in for another 10-25 days, depending.

I got home and did some research on the net and methadone looks like its risky stuff to be using, with all sorts of new dependencies and side-effects. This has me worried to say the least. Any insights MUCH appreciagted and I'll start browsing through this excellent site to see what I can find.

Thanks much in advance,

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methadone is actually a HUGE step up from codine.  You think codine wd's are bad.... NOTHING compared to methadone wds.  
Its nothing to play with, be carefull and good luck
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methodone should not be neccesary to get off of codeine.. I was given it to detox off heroin years ago. they detoxed me in 9 days so it is possible to have it be used in a inpatient setting..there are so many other options for detox now including Suboxone I am surprised they are using methodone... If you must use this treatment of detox I would stress you want to be finished with the detox treatment before you leave there.. no maintence.. thats where people fall into the trap of methodone clinics.. and then they continue to replace their prior abuse wih methodone.
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That is 100% true. If methadone was only used for short term detox, it would probably be a perfect fix for the problem. But when they allow the addict (at these clinics) to decide how much they need, it's like letting a kid loose in a candy store with no rules to stop them. And bottom line, that is how these clinics work. It is all about money.
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Thanks much for the insight. The de-tox clinic is in a hospital in Canada and is covered by our healthcare for which I am grateful as I otherwise could not afford any sort of expensive clinic. The discussion (so far) seems to be aiming at a 10-14 day methadone treatment--perhaps a bit shorter or longer. I'm certainly alive to the risk of getting readdicted with methadone from what I have been reading on the net and with your posts.

Thanks again and I'll follow up here and let people know how it went in case someone else faces the situation I am in. I'll also ask them next week why they are using methadone for codeine when other anti-opiates are available and (apparently) better.

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