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Methadone taper - weight loss

I've been methadone for 15 years, highest dose was 50mg.  I gained weight about 30 pounds.  Maybe it was just cause over the years I didn't exercise etc.   Anyways I really want to get back to 150, and I want to taper off.  I'm down to 40mg - just wondering if I will see weight loss as I taper?  I've been tapering 2-3mg per month (very slow).
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Ive been off Methadone 6 weeks today. Ive put on 15 lbs since jan... when i started tapering down... evidently everyone is different.
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I dont believe methadone has anything to do with weight gain or loss, its your life style that changes , your eating habits your activity level. Ive been off of methadone for over a year and ive lost 40 plus pounds , but was due to the change of lifestyle,  i exercise and eat healthy . When i was on it i didnt care what i looked like so i didnt follow a strict regiment.
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