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Methadone taper hiccup

6 mos on methadone-got up to 75-hated it... tapering down 5mg a week. Got to 30 and withdrawls crept in... went back up to 35 mg.. will begin tapering again after xmas. I can tell this is going to be harder than tapering from norcis. Wish i had never started methadone!!!!
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You have to slow down . As you found out a 5mg is too much now.
It s best to taper down only 1 or 2 mgs once you hit 30 mgs.
Don't go up anymore. It is worse to yoyo your dose.
Merry Christmas.

Thank u. My clinic only deals with 5mgs :-(
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Just keep your head up , you can do this, take it slow put 2 weeks in between your drops, methadone is harder to come off of then pain pills. but you can do it
Thanks. This really *****
Thanks. This really *****.... whyyyyy didnt i know this? I started methadone to HELP with wdls from norcos!!! They conviced me i could "cure" my addiction with methadone!!!
Yea cure your addiction to pills to and now have an addiction to methadone. It is the great government plan. They never want you to get off.
Prove them wrong and keep fighting the good fight. You are doing awesome.
Merry Christmas.
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