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Methadone taper success story

Just figured I would post after I had a reminder that I haven't for a few months :). Here is my story...started using heroin at the age of 13 as a lost young girl ironically from a good home.  My heroin addiction took me to the depths of hell and I then got in suboxone at the tender age of 19...stayed on it for 2 years and did very well.  Got off of it and relapsed on heroin.  Used nonstop until I discovered I was pregnant (not supposed to be able to have kids).  Well I got on methadone at the age of 23 due to my pregnancy it was strongly reccommwnded I go this route for the safety of my baby.  I did really well for awhile...got married, went to college, got a amazing career....then my husband relapsed and I followed soon after.  That was 2012...I stayed on methadone and picked myself back up.  I have been free of all drugs since 2/2012.  Well I finally decided it was time to get off the methadone.  I did a rather slow taper.  Here in PA they only take you down to 1....you can't go down half or quarter milligrams.  I tapered the entire way and didn't give up!  My last dose was on 6/25/16 so god willing I will have 6 months methadone free on Christmas!  What a gift.  I got married in August about 6 weeks after my last dose and life was rough.  Things have gotten so much better!!!  I'm finding real happiness.  My brain is still healing so I still have depressed moments but even with that life is so much better.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.  It's tough the first 1-2 months but if I can do it after 8.5 years of methadone so can anyone else who wants to break the chains of their methadone addiction...legal or illegal it is a definite ball and chain that needs cut off.  I'm grateful for methadone because I feel it helped me save my life it there comes a time when we need to move on.  Love, a grateful recovering addict named Jen :)
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Congrats to YOU!!
Thanks for sharing your success story. Keep up the good works.
Always keeping that Guard Up at all times. Life will have TONS of curve balls, but it is so much better dealing with them clean & sober. Just like cleaning the house. Ha!  I am very Happy for you and Pray you have such a wonderful new life ahead.
God be with...

Thank you!
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Hey Jen so glad to here from you it is good to see you GRATE to see you clean.....well you have slayed the dragon....you kicked the hardest of the synthetic opiets to kick and look at you go.... each month that goes by you will notice subtle changes.....and yes what a ausum Christmas gift you have given yourself and your family....I often say you just dont realize just what this drug has been doing to you until your off it.....Thanks from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to share your recovery it means a lot to me and all those still in the trenches fighting this battle...may God bless you and your family abundantly....your friend and fellow addict Mark
Thank you!
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Congrats Jenn, so glad you came back to share with us, its great to hear your doing well. keep it up , every day gets a tad better. Happy Holidays
Thanks!!!  Happy holidays to you also :)
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