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Methadone taper update

Im on day 3 down to 20 mg... only issue is a few chills and fog is lifting....which means I need to begin living life un-aided... gonna be tough. My therapist is trying to start a meeting of local professionals locally. We will sign off for confidentiality. I look forward to it. Not sure if it will be an NA meeting or not, but will meet other addicts.
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Congrats on getting down to 20, Glad to see your goin to talk to a therapist , it helped me big time. Keep up the great work. You got this. As always keep us updated.
Thank uuu
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Good for you!  Another step toward a drug free life☺
What a great thing for your therapist to form a group of other recovering addicts!  There is nothing better♥

How's the alcohol intake now?  Making progress?

Please keep posting....no question is a silly question.  Some one on this forum has experienced the same thing.  
Im more aware of my alcohol intake-so im not having too much-no more than i have for 20 years...im just aware of everything im ingesting. .. perhaps it is a step in the right direction. No issues, so will request the next drop to 15 Friday, which means next wed...
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hey Girl....well so far your making this look e/z....you havent been on it that long so that is a big +....just hang in there your symptoms are very mild for this drug....just know the last 20mg are the hardest.....how is your energy???....most people get hit with the ''energy crash''
it is one of the things that makes methadone hard to kick try not to read anything into it....it will be what it will be there is no reason it should be any worst then it has been for you....keep posting here for support we all want to see you get threw this.........GNARLY...................
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