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Methadone treatment vs cold turkey from pills

How do you guys feel about Methadone treatment vs abstinence from Pills? I think I was trying to help myself with the Methadone but it basically got me addicted to synthetic heroine, which is worse to come off of than just the 4-5 days withdrawal of pills! I don't recommend it. I think if you can't quit pills, maybe rehab or try yourself- but stay away from Methadone. Any opinions?
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Hi...well I agree with you going from pills to methadone is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire....methadone has it place...it your jaming a needle in your arm it is better then that  but I feel it should never be prescribed for pill addiction  as you can see it is a lot hard to kick when the times comes....are you still on the methadone???  if so we have a lot of members that can help  I was on mmt for almost 7 yrs and it was by far the hardest kick I ever did I would be happy to help you if you want to get off....there is life after methadone  please post back.........................................Gnarly........................................
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Hi Jenjen, I am not an addict but have 2 sons that were/are. One son was addicted to opiates. His preference was snorting it. He went cold turkey on his own here at home, but he followed up with his own long term plan. He knew he could not stay clean without removing himself from the area he lived in. Friends would still be tracking him and influencing him. He left to Greece for 7 months. Stayed with family for a while then got his own apartment and signed up for classes at the university. 3 years later he is still clean and happier than ever and accomplishes his goals and fulfilling his dreams. He still has NOTHING to do with his old crowd of friends. I can't emphasize that enough! Not everyone can take off to Greece but the point is removing yourself as much as possible from the environment of using. My other son has an opiate and had a zanax addiction. He choose methadone through his doctor. Almost 2 years into treatment now. He is not getting better. He has had car accidents almost every month! One of them a roll over at 7:30 in the morning. He took out 3 other cars and some street signs. Out of his numerous accidents, he has totaled 3 cars within a month of each other. He is still hanging out with people who use, some may not use opiates but they party hardy. That's my story. Everyone is different and individual choices can make or break either plan of getting clean. Wishing you all the best and freedom from the bondage.
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Today is 28 days off of Methadone, I was on it 19 months. I did wean down, but not the 2mg a week, I did it 1 mg a day, from 47mg. My highest dose was 80. I started to feel the withdrawal at 20 mg, but I was determined to quit! When I took my last 1mg dose, the next 2 weeks were a living hell! I was seriously thinking about checking out, but I have kids and husband. I didn't want to leave them. I was lurking on this site, the effects are temporary. I didn't believe it! It was so awful, the pleasure deafness, the worst and headaches. I am slowly better, the 3rd week, I could get off the couch. Headaches are not near as bad. I can laugh. I'm going to start AA, I need people who know what I've been through, I'm terrified of PAWS or the withdrawal coming back. I am proud how far I've come but I know it's not over. Thanks for listening:)
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Thanks for sharing! I wish continued success for your son! I know where he's been, it's a dark, scary place but there is light. I believe that!
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