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Methadone vs suboxone for depression and drug cravings

I was on high doses of hydrododone daily for about 2 years (up to 150 mg a day) and then progressed to sporatic iv use of opiates such as morphine, oxycodone, and heroin. I went to rehab 2 years ago and have been on suboxone ever since. At one time I was taking 4 8mg tabs a day but am now down to 1. I have read that opiate abuse damages the brain's ability to produce endorphins, and that opiates mimic the effects of endorphins on the brain. I have always battled depression and still do. I have tried countless antidepressants but they no longer work on me, even when augmented with abilify. I have also had drug cravings ever since rehab even when on the highest dose of suboxone. I am wondering if I switched to methadone if it would work better for my depression and drug cravings? Does methadone have more of an endorphin-like effect on our brains? I am wondering if I am lacking endorphins and that may be contributing to my depression. Thanks
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I already asked this question here, I was trying to post it to the doctor's forum because I wanted a medical opinion but I can't figure out how. Oh well! Please disregard.
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well i have been off methadone for 11 days,and im telling you now it is a ***** to get off of ,did it help yes it helped but if your on suboxone,you just going for a stronger drug,there is no higher endorphine effect,if the highest dose of suboxone is not working ,Its a choice you have to make,a judgment call,From experience from me,I wouldnt do it and if i did i wouldnt do it long...as for cravings ,if you have been in treatment for yrs and on subox,and still wanting to use,you have to strengthen your mind more,your mind is seriously messing with you,you have come too far ,to just let it all go,your desire to be clean has to be stronger then your desire to use,Kepp your mind strong and dont let it syke you out,if your dealing with depression,there are countless meds for that,try and try till you find the right one,some take up to 6 weeks to get in the system.sadly we want results now and when we dont see em immediatly we get discouraged and give up.....dont give up....you have come to far keep your mind occupied and busy...you have come to far now!!!! ......Danielle
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Thanks for sharing your experience.So far everyone I hear from pretty much agrees with what you said.I am just really fed up with everything.I watch tv shows and read stuff online about people in recovery and they talk about how life is better sober etc.I don't feel that way and never have.My life is nothing but struggles and depression.Drugs made me feel better and trying to live without them just feels like a long dark tunnel with nothing to look forward to. I have been on paxil, celexa, elavil, doxepin, effexor, abilify, prozac, wellbutrin, seroquil and god knows what else, too many to count and nothing helps.If it weren't for my kids I wouldn't even want to live any more, just not worth the fight.
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Oh and btw I've done all the "right" things...I have a house, a job, kids, pay my bills every month, even went back to school and got a bachelors degree in business.I just don't know what to do any more.I've read online that some people have been on methadone for 20 or 30 years, basically for life but it has helped them live a normal life.So in my desperation I was hoping maybe it could do that for me.I just don't know what to do any more.
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HI i was on methadone for 6 1/2 yrs trust me you dont want anything to do with it the withdrawals are horable  if your still having trouble with sub can I ask you are you just taking the drug our are you working a program with it??? both sub and methadone alone dont treat the addiction it up to you to seek out some form of aftercare to strart to change the very way we think addiction is very treatable but taking a pill everyday is not going to make it go away
both N/A and A/A have free programs and they work if you work them if not that there are substance abuse conslors and addiction therapist that will work one on one with you
when you start treating the illness I think you will find you will start to feel better about sobriety
until you deal with the demons deep inside our minds drugs seme like the only solution
give it a try you have nothing to loose and a whole new life to gain good luck and God bless.....Gnarly  
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After inpatient rehab 2 years ago I was in outpatient treatment for a few months and then got discharged.I have been in and out of various therapies since childhood (depression too) and have never felt it helped, including the drug treatment.no therapy or antidepressant has helped me so far and I am 43 years old so I am very jaded and feel quite hopeless.
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I know what it like to feel helpless I did for many years of narcotic abuse the key here is to live in recovery it a choice we make every day....as they say...'''just for today'' I dont know very many people that have gave N/A or A/A an honest chance and have failed it will improve your outlook on life start by going to meetings then pick up a sponsor and work the 12 steps
it will set you free from this awful state your in now as I have often said as addict we need to change the very way we think .....not look for a nother pill to fix the problem the problem ant the pills that just a symptom of something much deeper it time to get proactive in your recovery
and not just take a maintenance drug for the rest of our lives there is hope in recovery
im living proof......good luck and God Bless.......Gnarly
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