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Methdone withdrawals with lamictal

Since March 1st, Im recently down to 10mg a day of methadone.  I do take xanax once a day and 1 trazadone at night. Pysch RNP wants to add Lamictal 25mg 2x a day.  Will the Lamictal send me into withdrawals? Im scared to go thru withdrawals again.  If im asking my question under the wrong subject can someone please advise as to where i should ask
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i would ask in the substance abuse. let me say this. I weened down from 180mgs of methadone, its easy until you hit 20mgs..but the wd,s are bad!! i did it off 20 mgs in hell for 14 days,,2nd time got down to 3 mgs. I went 21 days from then.your on Xanax you said. I am as well. I stopped the methadone to do my bipolar meds. I was legal from pain doctor. But did it on my own HELL!! let me say once your better witch takes time.me I'm stopped 40mgs of perks 8 months ago.im still going threw the mind care.the lamctail will help you.im on 400mgs past 5 yrs. You have to ramp this med slow..it will help!! i,m on 3 bars a day 400mgs lamctail 750 mgs lithium. Take care
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