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Methedone clinics should be burnt down....

I got addicted to vicodin, oxycotin,roxicet anything that made me high and numb when my cousin died from cancer. One day I woke up and prayed for someone to help me, so opening the phone book looking for a rehab that took some one without insurance, I found American theraputic ***. They told me to come in and they would get me off of vicodin without withdrawls. I went in dosed and really didnt understand what was going on, but they had promised to start me out and then detox me slowly off methedone I started out at 40mgs in 8 months i was at 200mgs I,ve been on it now for 6 years I've tried to detox over 20 times I just want my life back I want to wake up like everyone else and not have to take a pill to act normal.I want the old me back who laughs alot who's not so anull and all the weight im gaining i way more than i ever have, ive gained 65 pounds on it.I started detoxing dec 2nd 2008 i did it for 3 in a half month I gave in2 weeks ago. HOW CAN I DETOX OFF METHEDONE AND NOT KILL MYSELF????????? When im detoxing all i think about is suicide i tried to kill my self by swallowing 22 ambien i woke up pucking up blood the next day i went back to the clinic, GOD SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME. No one understands and my family all cuss me out saying think about your son being drugged out on methedone??????? Helpless in Reno,NV
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i kicked a long 240mg a day methadone habit in 04,
i went ct, because of my health i was taken to the er, then placed in icu
you can do this, i tried suboxone after i detoxed from the methadone, but my quality of life was the same as if i was still on methadone, so i just started going to na and got off all of it
i know that na is not for everyone, and you maybe all up in oyur head saying how
"i am not that kind of addict" thats what your addiction wants you to think
your addict brain wants you to believe you are different, and this type of help is not for you
maybe you can call a detox facility, so someone can watch you during wd, monitor your depression, i know a ton of people who killed themselves during methadone wd, including my bff gary, not a good way to go
what mg are you on, how long have you been taking it? send that to me, this thread was a few pages back, its hard for me to find old post
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Methadone is a rough detox,but it is do able.I was on it for about a year and a half.I went c/t off of 25 mgs and I have been clean for a little over a year.There are a few of us here who have successfully done it and you can do it too.How many mgs are you taking presently?
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you poor baby i wish you could sue those f-ing doc's!!!  i am on suboxone and it really does work but it too is hard to get off but it is better than the hell you DO NOT DESERVE!!  you aare a victim but you like me are an addict.  i go to aa in st. louis every day and i can't tell you the peace and support i find there.  in those rooms i never feel withdrawl symptoms even when they are very strong.  there is magic in those meetings.  Hope you are hangin in there.  REMEMBER,  GOD LOVES YOU AND HE WANTS WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU.  YOU JUST HAVE TO USE THE TOOLS.  MELISSA
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Does your clinic do blind dosing? That would be when they take over your dose and drop it gradually without even telling you. That might be an option. Or you might want to check out suboxone. Perhaps try a short term use and detox....... just dont stop quiting.  and best of luck to you - stick around here and share your story....You will find tips to stop and a lot of people that understand.
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