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Milestone - 2 Weeks Clean Today

With the help of God and my friends here, I am 2 weeks clean.

No problems of any note and no cravings.  Only have some minor energy issues but as I previously posted, mimi1313 recommended exercise which I have done for the last 3 days.  I made an incredible difference.  I'm tired today from the intense cardio I did last night.  Its a different kind of tired, I can tell.  I'm probably at 90% right now after only 2 weeks.  I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks when everything returns to normal.  I'm happier, healthier and feel like the balance is back in my life.

I guys like you (the more learned of you on this board) that really give us all individual hope as well as hope for others to beat the Bear.

One last comment.  I was watching TV the other day and saw an episode of a show called Intervention.  All of you who are wondering if getting clean is worth it should watch at least one episode that has to do with your particular addiction.  I watched one concerning opiate abuse and I saw this poor girl display so many of the traits and behaviors that I had.  It was both sad and disgusting.  Watching it is like a shot of reality and will probably do more than any supplement you could take.

Blessings to All.

I'm going fly fishing...
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CONGRATS ON YOUR 2 WEEKS.  thats an awesome accomplishment.  it keeps getting better and better.  but, watch out for the mental aspect..it hits some really hard.  good luck.
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you sound great at 2 weeks clean, a good inspiration for all of us. you're a good inspiration for me and i am way ahead of you with clean time.
have fun fishin'!
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The physical sucked for me but got through it.  The mental, I'm not so worried about as my past endeavors have more or less prepared me for that.  I'm a former Army Ranger - 4 years.  I will be keeping an ear to the ground for it though and I'll shoot to kill if I see it coming.

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Congratulations on your 2 weeks that is great.. I'm happy to read you are doing so well. by the way love fly fishing very relaxing, i was cleaning out the back porch and found my husbands Great grand fathers fly fishing rod It breaks down and is carried on a leather tube that is designed to hold each of the rods it has 4 rods and still usable, looks much smaller then the newer one's we have..Happy fishing
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Way to go Fly.
It sounds like you are on the way.  Stay strong and don't give in to temptations..

best wishes.
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WOW....that is awesome....great job....before you know it .... 2months will be here!
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That is most definately a milestone.  Keep up the good work
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Congratulations!!! I'm so glad you're doing well. You sound great!! 2 weeks is a really big accomplishment. You really start to notice how much better you feel. It will just get better from now on.

Take care,

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If those rods are bamboo and in good shape, meaning the windings on the guides are intact and the glue on the sections haven't separated and the finish is good, you are probably sitting on around $6000.00 worth of bamboo there.  Rods that old sell regularly for around $1500.00 a pop.  Maybe more because you said you have the original leather case.  Leather doesn't last long over time and those are the most sought after by collectors and there are alot of them out there.  They really are fly fishers, they like to hang them on their wall and show their neighbors...

I also do find relaxation in fly fishing.  However, with that said, I take a very cerebral approach to it, am a certified casting instructor give fly tying lessons (am a Master Class fly tier) so relaxing...yeah, I guess you could say that...maybe...

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Change my are to "aren't" in They really aren't fly fishers...

You think because I type 70 wpm I would get it right...

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Oh wow I have 15 days today! We are neck and neck in this! I was just gonna post yesterday about the shows that changed my life. I was thinking the same exact show and one I saw about a girl that was a crack addict and her dad showed old home videos from when she was little(teaching her to ride a bike, to swim etc...) and how you hope they will become a doctor or a teacher and you never would dream your kid becoming an addict. It really hits home how every addict is somebody to someone, someones kid, mother, father or brother etc... Everyone is something to someone. I hope that teaches people who stereo type addicts as all street living junkies with a needle in their arm that someone in their family is probably an addict to. Addiction has no preferences it takes anyone it can suck in no matter what color what financial status! Dog the Bounty hunter is the other show that makes me cry like a baby!
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you sound great!!! Congratualtions to you!! enjoy your flyfishing..lol
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Flyfishing is no laughing matter missy! LOL

The Baldwin, Wellston/Irons area of Michigan is one of my favorite areas to fish.

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LOL..I know..my dad was an avid flyfisherman..Michigan is excellent fishing grounds of any kind..What area is that..I am by the thumb..I have been all over this state and i love it up north soooo much..
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If you take M31 straight North for aroudn 75 miles out of Grand Rapids you pass thru Baldwin and then go West of M55 into Wellston which is about an hour North and East of Baldwin and about 30 minutes from the shore and where the ferry docks from Wisconsin.

Both are very small towns but they are surrounded by the Big Manistee River, Little Manistee River, Pere Marquette River, Pine River, and Bear Creek.

Superb Trout, Steelhead and Salmon fly fishing.

If I lived anywhere close to there I would be divorced and living in a tent along the banks of one of the rivers and surviving on what I catch - though I do practice strict Catch and Release of all species.

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I hear ya loud and clear..That is a beautiful area..it all is....I am hoping to go rafting with my son next weekend down the Au sable river..should be fun..
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OMG, I fogot to mention the AuSable.  Awesome trout water.  Lots of trophy size Browns.  Its a bit more South and West of the Wellston area.  You'll love rafting it.  Just be kind to the fly fishers and stay out of their drifts.  We call you rafters either  the "Aluminum Hatch" or the "Tube Hatch"...

Dont forget to wear a PFD.

I forgot to mention that the Wellston area is in the Manistee National Forest.  What a place!

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LMAO....tube hatch??? LOL  I can see where that would be annoying for all fishermen..ok..i'm sure it's a dumb question..but what is a PFD?  I will be sure to get one..we are going on the all day long rafting/tubing..I can't wait.I love the Miciagn outdoors..My family and i spend alot of time in Silver Lake..we camp alot..and of course go on the dunes..and hang out at Lake Michigan..
I need to get me one of those PFD's though..LOL
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Sorry I didn't get back quicker.

PFD = personal flotation device (i.e. life jacket).

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2 weeks is great...and having ur energy back so soon is really great...exercise was my savior during that time when i felt bad..tired and depressed...i would feel normal for the hour i worked out and for quite a while afterwards...it is so hard to make urself go when u feel so bad...but it is so worth it...oh ..i can catch a ton of bass down here in the rivers near me...good therapy for sure!
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