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Mind and Body

Today is day 5 for me. I have noticed some of the shivers, and other w/d's have been slowing down. The one thing I find is worse than anything now is whats going on in my head. I don't know how to explain it, but my mind is wanting them more than my body. That may sound weird, but it is true. I actually felt like walking around some today. Right now I am curled up with a glass of gatoraid watching the GodFather. My biggest fear right now is not the physical part, but the mental part. I know the aches and pains will go away, but how long will it take before the mind starts to slow down? I surely hope I won't be thinking about these pills for the rest of my life. Anyone else have this problem?
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Oh yes I've been wrestling with those symptoms since the physical pain started to subside...  is called PAWS and I'd look that up on this site and it will you help you understand what's going on in our heads.  Also think about aftercare, na meetings, this forum...  After taking opiates our brains aren't creating the natural stuff we need to be happy so our body craves more of the chemicals..  It's good you recognize what is going cause they say maybe after 90 days it'll change but once an addict, always an addict...  Glad your here and day 5 is huge!!!  Keep it up!  Also watch out for the mind tricking you with physical pains...  Mind is super powerful..  
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I'm glad to hear the physical stuff is easing up for you,especially the shivers.Newgirl is right,time to put in place some aftercare if you haven't already.It really is true,the mental part is rougher then the physical part.It does get easier in time and by going to meetings and coming here you learn how to retrain your brain,by learning how to live sober,utilizing some new coping skills.Have you looked up the amino acid protocol in the health pages,if not you should give that a look.Congrats on day 5,thats great.Keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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