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Mind over matter- can it be done?

Norco w/d. Once mentally and physically heeled, is it possible to take med, maybe different type- as prescribed . When needed for extreme pain, if someone holds and gives to u as prescribed? For real pain? Or is OTC better, although doesn't work...?
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I have wondered that question also. I am going to take this comment a little bit further.  What do or would a person do after being clean for say a year, and you find out you need some kind of surger, and you have to take some pain meds after the surgery, what happens then?
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Exactly my question. I have another surgery in 3 months. What to do......?
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You tell your doctor/surgeon that you are a recovering addict and have someone hold the pills for you......
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Been there, done that.  Now I'm about to detox for a second time.  Perhaps some people can do it, but I could not.
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I get kidney-stones CHRONICALLY, and there's no way on earth I could go through it without narcotic painkillers. There is just no way for the human body to deal with so much pain, unassisted.

So... what do I do?

I have my wife, or my sister, or my parents, distribute the pills to me (as prescribed).

It's not ideal, but it gets me through the day.

None of us was meant to suffer. NONE OF US.

Just because you're an addict, it doesn't mean you can never take a painkiller again. It just means that you can't take them UNSUPERVISED again (on your own).

Call for reinforcements.

Good luck.
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LMNO--   Ouch!!   My ears!!!   LOL!

He's right!
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I am currently going through this,  Only 23 days clean and then needed narcotics for an accident.  I have someone holding my pills I don't have access and don't know where they are located.  When i got the script I noticed it was for 60 and there is no way I wanted to take 60 and have to go through withdrawals again so I dumped half.  I take only when I can no longer handle the pain- I absolutely refuse to start back at the beginning and go through the 3 weeks of hell I just went through.  The prescription said take 2 every 4-6 hours and I will not take that much.  If I had a year, 2 years- maybe I could do that without withdrawals but not at this stage.  So , I have to settle for pain if I don't want to withdraw again and to be honest I have been dealing with the back pain since I stopped so what the heck is the difference.
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Hang in there girlie, you are doing everything right, and you will be just fine:)  Try putting ice packs on your ribs it does really help numb some of the pain, im sure your collar bone hurts more but you are very dedicated.  Great job on flushing the 30, i had a flushing party too, ahhhh what a great feeeling:)  
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I am glad that you brought this up, as I face possible surgery in a few weeks with only a few weeks clean from Vicodin.  I know if I have the bottle in my hands, I will just take more and more, (and more) until I am sick.  My wife had agreed to hold the bottle and dispense them--incidentally she is a career RN.  My current script is for a too large amount, so I think when we fill it at the pharmacy, we will do partial fills.  I do not need 120 Vicodin in the house.  I am thinking 4 to 8 (they are supposed to be 10/325  4x)  That would get me through two days.  Then we could see if Advil or Tylenol would work.  I have back pain right now, but I manage ok, and I don't have my month's supply of pain med, because I downed them in the first week.
I spent all last night really thinking about your main question:  Can an addict become unaddicted?  Notice I did not say, "become not an addict."  I am very much an addict.  I drank very heavily for 25 years and became sober through AA.  At this point in my life alcohol is very much take it or leave it--I do not obsess about it.  I drank two quarts of beer while detoxing of the Hydrocodone, it helped some,and then I lost interest.  I am totally done with toilet hugging because of booze.  My true addict self however saw no problem setting me up for toilet hugging after Vicodin.  Then after I got off the booze, I replaced it with benzodiazepines.  I was on them for a total of 3-4 years, the last of which I gulped handsfuls of 4mg Xanax.  My behavior became so shameful, we had to leave the town where I was a professor, and just move 5 states away.  I sat on the couch for a year dealing with the most intense anxiety, paranoia, fear, self loathing, and cloudy thinking a person could ever endure.  Because I had messed with the GABA pain pleasure system in the brain to such an extent, months after becoming clean from Xanax, I could not sit and eat in a restaurant with my wife--the panic was so severe I would choke on the food.  It took me two years of a light dose of Elavil and a loving wife before I could make it out the door and work.  I can truly say without reservation that now I have no desire for Benzos, whatsoever.  Am I issue free?  Hell no.  I smoke cigars, chew plug tobacco, and am fighting (successfully) being overweight.  I teach high school kids and still have anxiety issues. I like the clear headed feeling I have today, and I too worry about losing that to another addiction-Hydrocodone.  I do not want to be in super pain, so I am hoping that I can learn to manage this portion of my addictive life like I have others.  Booze is a thing of the past.  I no longer can handle a cigarette, smoked them since I was 12--just an occasional cigar or a little chewing tobacco.  I run from the thought of benzos, I am afraid of them.  I have a life, and with a little thought perhaps I can have a surgery if needed, manage the pain, and not do the taking a few more hydros to feel good ***** that I have learned to do in the past three years.  I spend a lot of time thinking about why I am still an alcoholic, but do not really want to drink---etc., and then prove to myself that I am so powerless over hydrocodone.  I realize that an addict posting that he or she can control addictions will get an uproar on a site like this.  But I am talking about various personal experience with managing addictive things, which came from  the interesting topic about using pain meds successfully for pain management.
Too Thoughtful Dan
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Dan- your story is inspirational. I also have medical issues,  etc...which is painful. I don't take pain meds unless I have to and will have someone hold them for me. That's the only way I will win. Only 19 days. Too soon to go back. Wish I could postpone surgery.
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My pain dr says it's all in the brain. The receptors are in the brain and can somehow be managed mentally. It can't, your body physically becomes dependant. I think his point is that if you have to go through wd then you just do it. Easier said than done!
It's the receptors that need the drugs
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So our pain comes from the brain? I wish I could shut it off. My brain.
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I like to come up with new material but I will use and earlier post for this:

In this time of need you have to use you knowledge and as I said notice the ironies of life and enjoy them.  Of course you won't become addicted to them again.  Taking them moderately for physical pain is not the same thing as taking them long term for emotional pain.  You have all the knowledge needed to not start back.  If you let go of the emotional damage and forgive the driver for what he did you will be more prepared.  

Life gives us ironies and obstacles every day.  Anyone could find theirself in your position but noone should feel like they are taking a step back.  If you let go of any negativity you will have nothing mental to supress.  If you have nothing mental to supress and experience any physical withdrawals they will feel more like being a little sick instead of feeling like your world is going to end.

Fight the negativity, fight the depression, enjoy irony, embrace love, and get better.

I will try to come up with something newer next time : )
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Thank you. I like "taking them moderately for physical pain is not the same thing as taking them long term for physical pain"
Never want to be in that dark place again. Still struggle. Took 1 for pain yesterday with a motrin.  Helped pain- had zero high.  Then forgot about it and went on about my business.
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I actually said taking them moderately for physical pain is not the same as taking them long term for emotional pain....

I know you understood the meaning behind it but I want to make sure if someone opens this topic and doesn't read what I said they don't assume they are not addicted.

No big deal : )
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If you have tried to quit and couldn't, If you have lost your love for life, if you are depressed without them.....

This topic is unreachable.  It is above your head and is an abstract way of looking at recovery.  This was for encouragement for a friend and should not be taken as an excuse to use.  The ones who read this and understand it don't have anything to fear.  Those who read this and think it is OK to use should read some of the horror stories that I have to understand why I said this.

I know that I know nothing----Socrates
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I know what you meant- it was a typo on my part.
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It's all good, maam

I was just concered for others.  I will always be here so please don't think I would ever turn my back or let anything turn me negative.  I am sending happiness your way.  ready abba cadabra you should feel better.  : )
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Thannks. Question, does tyrosine really work? Going to buy it today. Also energy supplements, any advice????
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From what I have read it has been used in animal studies and has shown to be beneficial for stress.  Also the us military tested it in trials performed with soldiers undergoing intense physical training by the United States Army and they found it beneficial.  Probably something else the military gave me and didn't tell me about it : )
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I take one a day mens health, eat right, take a vitamin c supplement and St. Johns Wort.  Don't know if the supplements make any difference but I guess they can be looked at as a good addiction lol
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Well I bought some. I too take vit B, 1 a day, vit C and now this. Tyrosine. Suppose to help the dopamine receptors and stuff. Supposedly gives us energy and helps to release natural endorphins. Will see. Not sure...
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I will likely try it as well but I have very little stress anyway.
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Tyrosine didn't help. Just gave me runs. I do take. Taurine! That helps a bit. Plus 1 a day. B12.
I still am fatigue I want to sleep at work. I have to now taper the benzo dr gave me for this. Maybe that's what is keeping energy low. Only take it at night though. Blah.
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