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I had a couple of bad days with panic attacks. They don't throw off my whole day like they did at one time. I missed all of you. I couldn't make myself even get on the computer. I need to read the posts made when I was gone. I hope all is well.

I did get my kitten. He behaves so well. I don't have to tell him NO about getting on the counters or places he shouldn't be. He's a Blue Russian, which I think is gray. He's 9 months old and he's been fixed and had his shots. I was going to get him declawed in the front but he never uses them so I see no reason to put him through that.

I hope everyone is having a good day. Take Care.....peace...LS
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Ohhh I so understand I am having a rough time myself sometimes we just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other until it gets better and it will .I dont know if this will help you but when I have an PA. I breath in threw my nose out threw my mouth counting back from one hundred works really well of me why dont you give it a try next time
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Awww your cat sounds adorable!!!  I'm glad you have a companion.  I was given my cat 9 years ago when I was single and he got me through ALOT.  And, I'm allergic.  lol.  Hope you are able to get through your panic attacks.  I am so sorry you are going through that.  I know it can be very scary.  Maybe just stop in your tracks and concentrate on your breathing like Avis said.  Great advice.  Btw, I left you a note.  Have a good day!
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