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Mixing of methadone and morphine

My wife as administered a 1.0 ml dose of methadone at 7:45 am. At 10:42 am, she was administered morphine and robinul x 1 stat. She instantly died. Did the combination, that close together have any possibility of causing her death?
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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.  Although I can't answer your question.  I am sympathetic.  My husband died of a heroine overdose 1.5 years ago.  It's a tough road but hang in here and talk about it.  Frief can be very difficult.
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Grief not Frief. Lol.
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Personally, I can't answer that question. It sounds like a medical/legal inquiry.
I can tell you that it's a small amount of methadone given 3 hours before the morphine but you don't say how much morphine or rubinol. It almost sounds like an allergic reaction.

What do the doctors say?  Regardless, it's a tragic loss and you have my sympathy and best wishes. I hope you have plenty of support.
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