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Monthly Roll Call-EARLY!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!! It's (almost) that time-Roll Call!!! For the newer members,this is the chance to post your clean time,whatever it may be!! I'm posting this early,because,frankly,I need some support right now as I am struggling on my path although I have several years into it. As a good sister-friend told me,USING IS NOT AN OPTION. That being said,easier said than done sometimes!!! SO,let's hear it for all the clean time out there!! For those just starting out,take it hour by hour if you need to. Those that have relpsed or are on the edge-STAY STRONG. You CAN win this fight. We're all in this together my friends,and we need each other's support. This is a fight that cannot be won alone. And,last but not least,CONGRATS to everyone on their clean time no matter what it is!!!!! So,please...post away and let's go for a record this month!!!!! Stay strong!!!!!
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Forgot to post my clean time....993 days and still struggle every now and then. And now is a time when I am struggling. Hugs and thanks to all who help me keep my sanity,and you know hwo you are,lol!! ;)
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Back to square one...
At 20 days today.
I'm gonna give it h€ll this time though!!!
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98 Days no subutex, 125 days no methadone. It DOES keep getting better.
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39 days
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Exactly 1 month today is when I took my last DOC - Methadone. Currently on Subutex n doing well. Hopefully after 5yrs of opiate addiction this is it!
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Hang in there girl!!! You CAN do it this time!!! WOrk your recovery and aftercare,stay here and post&network,know your triggers,and stay strong!!!
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3 whole wonderful clean days.  Trust me you don't want to return to this black hole of using.  You many remember the good times but you forget the horror of using.  It's not fun.  Hang onto your clean time everyone.
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10 wonderful months in 3 days. Thanks to all on forum.
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Awwww, hang in there Tomskat! We all experience the ups and downs, and go through the rough times! We are here for you!

For me, I believe it's around 160 days! I don't keep track of the exact number! It's just get through today, and that's all! Thank you to everyone for your caring and support!
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123 days here.  Thanks to all!

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17 Glorious sober days for me!!! :)
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Sorry tomskat you are struggling,  hope it gets better soon!

I had to wait for theresa to post as she is keeping track for us, so 17 days.  Like Sonrissa, I try to forget!

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Along time but agree with TOMSKAT, some days are still a bit difficult. Hugs to all. I am so proud of everyone.
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Cold Turkey 90 mgs methadone. 4 weeks and mentally strong. You just have to tell yourself I'm done. No subs for me thanks. Not for everybody though I know that. Stay strong folks, I haven't been sober in 18 years and now no pot or pain meds. I feel better than I ever have.
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45 days opiate free
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Day 17 ;)

Feeling better each day.

Congrats every1

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58 opiate free days for me, goofy and crying all the way, using every symptom reliever walmart sells without a prescription.
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926 wonderful days...  

  It CAN be done; not always easy but worth everything...
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i am so glad to say that i am in. 9 days today. although i have really struggled today. i have been very tired today and bored. i think the worst part about detoxing is the no energy thing. i hate that. but hopefully it will get better.
thanks tom for posting this.

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231 days opiate free, and i am not going to lie, it has been a struggle.  But with aftercare, my medhelp friends, and faith i am pushing through one day at a time.  I can honestly say that i feel better, look better, and overall and most importantly, I'm living again.....
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Congrats everyone!  Each clean day is a win!  269 days today!!!  
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21 days clean and sober. I'm sleeping a little bit better each day. I can't but we can!!!
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Hey everyone i thought i was 80 days but i messed up i took a look at my tracker and im actually 86 days!!!!!! OMG I CANT BELIEVE IT!!! im so unbelievably proud of my self!! All of u here have helped me thru the rough times and i thank u!!!!
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WOW!! Great responses guys!!! Thank you so much!! Keep the posts coming in though...I know there are more of you out there who need to be on here!!! And you know who you are ;) Congrats everyone,hang in there,and stay strong!!
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