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Mr sharply

I stopped taken methadone on Monday teatime I was taken 25mls everyday I've done my rattle for 5days now I feeling lack of energy though I did have cramps and pains to my arm s and legs at 1st but now I just feel they'd a lack of energy missing from my body does it get any easier thanks Christopher
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Greetings Christopher. Welcome to the forum.. Congrats on 5 days !! I hate to say but with methadone it is a long drawn battle You still have a ways to go The wd comes in waves so be prepared to slide back I do not say this to discourage you but to warn you It takes about 6 weeks but there are a lot of things you can do to make yourself feel better.. Gnary one of our community leaders is a expert in what to do for methadone wd He should be along for advice.. For now the energy crash is hard Force yourself to move as much as you can as your brain Needs to start to make its own feel good endorphin's.. Take a good Multi vitamin They also sell protein drinks packed full of vitamins and all the essentials it would not hurt to drink a few of these a day. Really try to force yourself to move as it will help.. Keep checking back as others will support and ask any questions you have, I wish you well and hope you have a Merry Christmas, lesa
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It has been 3 days now since you have posted. Sorry for the delay, however at least 10356 caught this..How are you doing??
We have a few of us that came off of Methadone-plus. Hope you check back in. Methadone is NOT fun to detox either.

Merry Christmas
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Hey Chris.....congrats for taking the jump your off to a great start  detoxing from methadone is a tuff nut to crack  but with time and perseverance it can be done   I detoxed off a 7yr run at 150mg so at least you kept your dose low  as for the energy crash  it is the hardest part to overcome  that and the lack of sleep makes it especially hard...  from the tea time I gather your in Brittan  get up to a health food store and pick up some whey protein shake mix  it comes in a big can  just one scoop to a glass of milk  the chocolate flavor is good  it will give you the raw protein for energy and a boat load of amino acids to heal the brain   drink 2 a day it will help....with methadone it takes some time to get over it  it took me a good 90 days to start to improve but I was on a lot higher dose then you  just know with time it will get better  you just got to go threw it  exorcise helps also  even if it is only a short walk around the block  keep posting here you will get a lot of support...it has been a bit slow because of the holidays......Gnarly
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