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Ms. Krissy have ONE YEAR!!!!

Okay...yes I may be embarrassing her...but our lovely Krissy has one year clean today. She came here in detox hell and then went to aftercare. And she is clean one year. Funny how that works!! I love her advice, she's always right on. So proud of here.

I'm sure she'll be commenting shortly....:)
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Good Lord, what's w/ my spelling...HAS one year. Oy!
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Congrats on ONE YEAR CLEAN!!!!!  You are rockin the recovery world.  Keep it going.  Always keep your Guard Up and do whatever it takes to stay clean, your life depends on it~  Proud of you!
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Krissy!...KRISSY, yaaaaay!  Wowzers girl !!.....grats chickie!  Greeeeeat job!
Keep pinging off those days girl. Hugs ((((8))))
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Congratulations Krissy! You are amazing!
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Congratulations Krissy, a great story. True inspiration all the while recovering. You've helped so many people along the way, me included. Yes this community has helped you but you give back twice what you have received. Best Wishes to You Krissy.....ike
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A milestone indeed!  Choosing  the hard path instead of the easy path is a sign of character.  I'm very happy for you!
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Hey Krissy a big congrats on a year clean  those that make it a year usually make it a lifetime  thanks for all the help on the forum  you cant keep it unless you give it away  may God bless you abundantly
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Yahoooo!! One YEAR clean and many more to come.

I took a break from MH when you first came on, but i did see you out here helping others all the time..Come on Back!!!
Hello!!! Are YOU out here???

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Oh Krissy, I'm sooooo proud of ya!! That's wonderful news! Keep up the awesome work, you are an inspiration to so many, and you always give awesome advice!! Be proud my friend! :) Take care...
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Congratulations to you and all your hard work....living life clean is truly bad ***!!!!
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yayyyy Krissy!  such a great accomplishment!  hope you can celebrate!  xo Meegy
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Haha wow!! Thank you so much everyone! And Jill, thank you especially! I never would have started AA if you didn't keep at me,and I know I wouldn't still be clean today! I've had no wifi,and I've missed you all so much. I'm doing well,and I hope you'll are too! Thank you again!❤️❤️
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You all**
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Well shucks:)  

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