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My 5th day

Why what a difference time makes. I have taken all of your advice and thank God I did. Last night I slept so well I think I got 8 hours. WOW!!! Today I'm up and wake and feeling great. I have changed a lot of daily behaviors. The next goal is to talked to my doc about my additions and have him make my chart. Can you believe that I'm at a point to where I want to do that. I have to in order to make my mind know that there is no turning back. I can also feel my body producing its on energy.
But the weird thing is that I'm very emotional. I feel like I can and could cry at a drop of a hat. Everything seems like it is screaming out answers and reasons to stay sober and it is emotional.
Thanks for your help and here I go to face the world.
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hey i dont know who you are but sounds like you are making a great step! congratulations! and hang in there...
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The first to days I was on a lot but when it got tough I didn't want to talk to anyone or do anything. Today is different so there people on here who don't know my story. When I have more time I will post it.
Thanks for replying it feels good knowing that people care even if it is not a distress call.
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Good for you! You're making all the right moves. Day 6 is where I had some emotional distress. I got caught in a whirlwind of wondering how I bad I had hurt my body and was just generally afraid. It was a confusing day of trying to re-learn when to laugh and when to cry. I went to my Doc march 12th. We had a sit down and he informed me that I was healthy and to take lorazepam for the next week, if needed. I think I've taken 5. I watched alot of comedies and on day 8, cycled 19 miles. You are going to be so very pleased with yourself. Luckily my wife is caring and gave me all the support I needed even though the first few days of withdrawal she was out of town. I still get these damn headaches but, I can manage them with OTC stuff. The headaches are far more easy to handle than withdrawals.
Keep up the good work!
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Hey Puff..

I had the same emotional response.. I am one of those "no crying guys".. but it started on about day 4 and lasted until almost day 10 .. day 4 was uncontrollable.. by day 10 I could keep it together..

Its normal. I made the same type of post.. " what is with the crying ? " .. lol.

Just go with it . Your doing great. It will pass like everything else.. Its part of the process.
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I'm so glad to see your back!!!!! I knew you could do it it's rough but keep fighting and congrats on day 5 :)
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